Big Sign, Little Saved

May 15, 2017

shopping trigger

That orange sign is a lot bigger than the white one.

I was in the store the other day when I stumbled upon this display.  The orange sign immediately caught my eye, especially the price listed on it—$1.00!  At first, I stopped in my tracks.  After all I can’t recall the last time I was in a store (that wasn’t a dollar store) and saw something advertised for $1.00.  My old shopaholic tendencies immediately resurfaced and I began to reach towards the display, eager to grab at least 1 or 2 of the Lip Smackers that were on sale.

Then I looked at the orange sign again, and my hand paused in mid-air.

That orange sign is only advertising the discount for the Lip Smackers, $1.00 OFF.  The sign is not the total purchase price for the item on display.  It took me about 5 seconds of searching before I realized that the full retail price was on a white sign, a lot smaller in size than the orange one, and located in the upper right hand corner of the display.

price is not what it seems

The final purchase price is $3.99, not $1.00.

The regular retail price of the Lip Smackers is $4.99.  With only $1.00 off, the final purchase price is $3.99, not $1.00.  Once I realized that these little guys were well over $1.00, I backed away from the case.  Suddenly the Lip Smackers didn’t look as appealing after all.

A big sign, for little saved, it’s a common marketing strategy that retailers use to get us consumers to buy.

Would you have purchased a Lip Smacker, thinking it was only $1.00?

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