Packing For A Beach Getaway—Part Two

(This is a photo heavy post).

May 11, 2017

beach florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

In my last post I talked about what I packed in my checked bag for a beach vacation.  In this post I’ll show you what I wore on the plane, what went inside my carry-on bag, and what my pre-planned outfits were for this trip.

Since I naturally run cold and I was traveling between 50F and 80F weather my travel outfit was all about layers.

travel outfit

My travel outfit begins with a basic white t-shirt and skinny jeans, paired with socks and sneakers.  I’m not a big fan of my bare feet on the dirty airport floor for security check-points, so I prefer to travel with a sock.  For warmth I layered a wool sweater in a thin weight over the t-shirt.  And on top of that I wore a North Face Fleece.  This amount of layering worked well for my trip and when I reached my final destination I simply began peeling off the layers.  The fleece and wool sweater aren’t very bulky so I was able to easily stuff them inside the outer pocket of my checked bag when it was retrieved.

carryon tote

What’s in my carry-on bag.

My carry-on bag is solely focused on keeping me entertained and well fed:

  1. Sunglasses and Kindle. Wearing sunglasses is a must for me, and since I was traveling to a sunny location, my Maui Jim’s went into the bag.  Uninterrupted time on the plane is the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my reading, making my Kindle a logical second choice.
  2. Phone and Wristlet.  I use the airplane apps for my boarding passes, which makes my phone a must have.  The wristlet easily fits my phone, money, and ID for when I need it.
  3. Ipod, Softlips, and Bose Noise Canceling Headphones.  Reading isn’t enough to keep me entertained on a flight, I also like to listen to music so the Ipod is next.  I find airplane air very drying, and Softlips is a favorite brand of mine.  I never, ever, travel without my Bose noise canceling headphones.  They are pricey but worth every penny during those times when there’s a screaming child (or adult) on the place.
  4. The Complete Cookie and Power Crunch.  I prefer to eat every few hours instead of large meals less often.  The Complete Cookie was a new to me protein cookie I wanted to try and while these don’t taste bad, I wouldn’t recommend these simply because of the macro ratio and serving size.  The package is actually TWO servings and the carbs are high enough (and the protein low enough) that pretty much any diet someone is following will be thrown off by these.  The Power Crunch bar is a personal favorite of mine and the label couldn’t be a bigger contrast to the cookie.  The carb to protein ratio is much more diet friendly, and these just taste good.  I am rarely without one of these in my bag.

Now onto the outfits!

vacation capsule daytime

Pre-planned outfit options: cropped jeans or shorts.

I wasn’t sure if the weather would be hot enough for me to wear shorts, so I packed double outfits.  Shorts and tank tops aren’t very bulky so it’s easy to stuff a few into my checked bag as a just in case.  Because I limited the colors I packed for this trip to: white, black, and blue, I could easily remix and/or layer any of the items I brought to accommodate the weather.  Pairing a hoodie with a tank top and shorts is a fun warm-day-to-chilly-evening outfit for walking on the beach after dusk.

  • Left outfit: Striped hoodie, navy short sleeve t-shirt, cropped boyfriend jeans, Adidas Superstar sneakers, socks.
  • Right outfits: White tank top and navy shorts.  Navy tank top and white shorts.  White flip flops.
  • The bag and baseball hat work well with any outfit.
outfits white cropped cago pants

Pre-planned outfits: White cropped cargo pants.

Another couple of outfits revolved around the white cropped cargo pants.  A simple swap of the t-shirt makes these pants work for more than one day.  The navy knit adds a little extra warmth when needed.

lounge capsule

Lounging around and sleeping.

And finally there’s what I wore to lounge around and sleep.  A pullover knit paired with a short sleeve t-shirt, soft material shorts, and socks.  By wearing the same outfit for both lounging and sleeping I could leave room open in my checked bag for my daytime outfit options.  The socks act as my “slippers” when I travel.

packed up suitcase

This suitcase is ready to go!

Here’s everything in my suitcase, all ready to go on a vacation at the beach!

Do you ever pack duplicate outfits for a trip?

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