Spend or Save — Floral Print Blazer

May 4, 2017


When I think of spring fashion one of the first things that comes to mind is floral prints.  A floral print blazer was one of my workhorse items from my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Check-In.  If you’re interested in trying out a floral print blazer for your spring capsule wardrobe I’ve presented 2 options—Spend or Save.

The 2 price points are very different, the spend outfit is a credit card smoking $943 while the save outfit is a wallet friendly $152.24.  Here are the exact pieces for both outfit options:

Spend: Floral Print Blazer | White T-Shirt | White Skinny Jeans | Ankle Strap Sandal 

Save: Floral Print Blazer | White T-Shirt | White Skinny JeansAnkle Strap Sandal

Don’t want to commit to either look?  No problem.  Simply mix and match the pieces for a high/low end look that suits your personal budget.

There’s only 1 month left in my area to wear my spring capsule wardrobe.  If your weather is like mine and you are looking for a fun blazer to wear for spring, why not give a floral print blazer a try!

Interested in more Spend or Save outfits?  Check out these previous posts:

Would you spend or save on this look?


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