Spring Capsule Wardrobe Check-In

April 27, 2017

spring capsule wardrobe check-in

It’s time to check-in on my 2017 Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

My area gets roughly 3 months of spring weather—March, April, and May.  With 2 months under my belt since my Spring And Summer Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 3), I thought it would be a good time to check-in on how my Spring Capsule Wardrobe is doing thus far this season.  Here’s what’s working, and what isn’t:

  1. Pre-planned outfits.  I had 13 outfits pre-planned for the spring season.  Out of these, I’ve been able to wear half of them.  Having a collection of grab and go outfits has been really helpful, especially on those days when I haven’t had time to think about putting together an outfit.
  2. Cropped pants.  I had 5 bottoms in my capsule wardrobe.  Of these, 3 pairs were cropped pants (olive trousers, white boyfriend jeans, blue boyfriend jeans).  This spring has been really wet and cold and there haven’t been many days to wear cropped pants.  In fact, I ended up putting aside 2 of the cropped pants and adding in 3 pairs of full length jeans instead.
  3. Thin weight sweaters.  I only had 1 pullover knit and 1 heavier weight cardigan in my spring capsule wardrobe. While I’ve been wearing both of these pieces often, they haven’t been enough to add warmth on multiple consecutive 50F days.  My winter weight sweaters have been too thick to fill this wardrobe need so I went out and purchased 1 additional olive cardigan for warmth on those colder spring days.
  4. More layering tops.  I had preplanned to layer for warmth 1 blazer (tan boyfriend), 2 jackets (blue denim and olive army), and 2 cardigans (navy crochet and chestnut crochet).  These pieces have all worked well, but I craved an additional layering option.  I ended up pulling in my blue pullover and blue flannel from my fall and winter capsule wardrobe, and rescued from the donate bag an additional cardigan to give me more layered looks.  To compensate, I put aside lightweight blouses and tops that don’t layer with blazers, jackets, or cardigans.  I’ll use these pieces when I create my summer capsule wardrobe.
  5. Floral prints.  During my spring and summer capsule wardrobe prep I had moved all prints that weren’t stripes into the donate bag.  Overall this moved worked well, except for 1 item—a floral print blazer.  I pulled this piece from the donate bag and it has turned into a workhorse item this season.  Apparently I really like sporting a floral print during the spring months.

Having to accommodate colder weather than planned and discovering an unexpected craving for floral prints has lead me to update my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.  With only 1 month left of spring, I don’t plan to make any additional changes to this capsule wardrobe for this season.  In my next post I’ll examine this wardrobe in detail including what’s inside as well as the total cost for this capsule wardrobe.

Did you have to adjust your Spring Capsule Wardrobe during the season?

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