Why Everything I Just Bought Was Black

April 20, 2017

Everything I bought was black

The stores are fully stocked with the spring collections right now.  Blush, mint, coral, sky blue, lavender, pale yellow, daisies, roses, tulips, forget-me-nots; everywhere I look I see pretty pastel shades and fun floral prints.

But if you take a look at my recent shopping haul one color in particular immediately stands out—black!

Why would I buy so much black when there are so many other pretty colors to pick from?

The items I picked up on this shopping trip are for 2 specific capsules in my wardrobe, business and fitness.  While these 2 wardrobe capsules serve very different functions, they do have one thing in common, both are built around a core color of black. And since I am not looking to expand these capsules with another core color, everything I bought for them was also black.

The new tote bag has a butterfly cut out print on it, that counts as a nod to spring, right? 🙂

Have you ever picked up only one color for everything you bought on a shopping trip?

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