Spend Or Save — Denim Jacket

April 17, 2017


A denim jacket is one of my Top 10 Must Have’s For A Casual Spring Wardrobe.  I’ve been sporting the outfit combination of a blue denim jacket paired with a white t-shirt and black jeans for years.  It’s a favorite combination of mine because this outfit provides the comfort of a t-shirt and jeans outfit worn on the weekends, while also looking put together enough for a casual office environment during the week.  And I’m not alone.

During the past 6 months I’ve seen this outfit combination come up often, especially when I travel.  Rest stops, airport terminals, bus stops, train stations, subway stations, lately every where I look I see someone sporting a denim jacket as part of their outfit.

If you’re interested in giving this look a try but don’t have all of the pieces in your wardrobe you have 2 options, you can Spend Or Save on this look.  The Spend outfit rings up at a whopping $562.95, while the Save outfit is a more wallet friendly $149.95.

And if you’re following Shopping Brake on Instagram and you like the fit of the black jeans you see on me, well you’ll be happy to know that I’m wearing the exact same jeans from the Save look above.

Spend Denim Jacket | White T-Shirt | Black Skinny Jeans | Black Ballet Flats

Save Denim Jacket | White T-Shirt | Black Skinny Jeans | Black Ballet Flats

Interested in another Spend Or Save outfit?  Check out this previous post:

Would you spend or save on a denim jacket?


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