Easter Outfits

April 10, 2017


Floral Print Dress | Light Pink Lace Dress

Floral Print Blazer | Floral Print Jeans | Blush Blazer | Blush Mules |Blush Trousers

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday in the United States which brings with it 1 very important question—what are you going to where for Easter?  As with any holiday you have 2 options: “going all in” or “a gentle touch.”

Sporting a new dress on Easter Sunday is the classic outfit for this holiday.  While any style and pattern of dress will do, the most common Easter dresses are typically floral prints or pastel colors.  If you’re interested in “going all in” for Easter Sunday, a dress is the perfect choice.

But what if you’re like me?  I’m not a dress gal, at all.  In fact, my current wardrobe doesn’t have even one-single-dress.  So what’s a gal like me to do for an Easter Sunday outfit?

For a non-dress lover simply take the elements of an Easter dress and carry them over into other wardrobe items.  For example, instead of a floral printed dress, you can sport a floral printed blazer or a pair of floral printed jeans (floral printed trousers or skirts will also work).  You can also opt for pieces that are a solid pastel color.

Does the blush blazer in the figure at the top of this post looks familiar?  It should because it’s the same blazer I used for my “gentle touch” outfit from my Valentine’s Day post. If you did the gentle touch outfit for Valentine’s day then I have a surprise for you—you can wear the same blush blazer (or even the entire outfit) again for Easter!  For me this type of situation is a win-win.  I have an outfit ready to wear for Easter and I didn’t have to spend any extra money to do so.

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Will you buy a new outfit for Easter Sunday?

Also, the winner of the Gift Card For $25 To Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta from this post was Julie R.!  Congratulations! 

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