Updating A Business Capsule Wardrobe

March 6, 2017


Five new additions to my Business Capsule Wardrobe.

Striped Cardigan | Ivory Sleeveless Blouse

Cobalt Pants | Burgundy Blouse (similar) | Black Lace Up Flats (similar)

While I was shopping for my Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe I found an opportunity to update my Business Capsule wardrobe too.  When I wrote my shopping list (in this post) I had 4 items I wanted to add to my Business Capsule wardrobe (1 new outfit consisting of three pieces and 1 blouse to pair with my current trousers).  I came close to this goal and added the 5 items at the top of this post.

Here’s what I bought and why:

  • Striped Cardigan.  This capsule wardrobe doesn’t have a single cardigan in it, and while I adore the look for a blazer for business meetings, packing a cardigan is going to be a lot easier.  This cardigan takes up a lot less room than one of my blazers.
  • Ivory Sleeveless Blouse.  The cardigan needs a layer and this white blouse will work just fine.
  • Cobalt Pants.  This capsule wardrobe is built around a core of black and while I don’t want to change that, the cobalt will be a refreshing change from my black trousers all of the time.  And the cobalt pairs beautifully with black pieces.
  • Burgundy Blouse.  Continuing to add a little color into this capsule wardrobe, the burgundy pairs well with black.  I always thought of burgundy as a fall color, but the stripes are white, which lightens up the look.  Also this top is sheer which again makes this top seasonally appropriate as the weather warms up.
  • Black Lace Up Flats.  I already own a pair of black ballet flats, which I use in my Spring and Summer Capsule wardrobe.  My old flats are a wardrobe workhorse and it shows, they are starting to go grey near the toe box and the bow on them no longer is as dark as the rest of the shoe.  The lace up flats were an unexpected find.  The style is more up-to-date for a flat (pointy toe and lace up style) and the black color fits in with this capsule wardrobe.  I can see my old flats getting tossed after this season, as they already look worn and my area is only starting spring.

Here’s how I plan to wear my new additions:


Outfit #1: All new things!

Outfit #1 is easy, simply wear all my new things together!  It’s always nice to wear something new from head to toe.


Outfit #2: Mostly new things.

For outfit #2 only the pants and shoes are the new additions.  The blazer is already in this capsule and the white top is actually from my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe.


Outfit #3: Burgundy blouse paired with black.

For my last outfit, it’s the burgundy blouse that’s new, paired with my black cropped trousers as an outfit or with a blazer and full length trousers for a suit.  And I have 3 shoe options, which is great because when I travel shoes suddenly become uncomfortable, making packing multiple pairs a must for me.


Updated Business Capsule wardrobe.

Here’s my updated Business Capsule wardrobe.  You’ll notice that I don’t have a lot of tops in this capsule.  When I wear my blazers, I try to pull layering knits from my seasonal capsules so that I am able to limit having a pile of clothes that sit unworn when I’m not using this capsule.  Except for one short sleeve lace knit, the tops in this capsule are all blouses.


Business Capsule shoes.

And here are the shoes.  I use the high heeled sandal when I have a special occasion or a date night with DH.  The short heeled boot and the ballet flats do double duty, as they are both also worn in my Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Capsule wardrobes, respectively.  I’m hoping the new lace up ballet flats will also become a dual capsule shoe too.  The black wedge patent shoe is the only shoe in this capsule that doesn’t work double duty.

And as long time readers of Shopping Brake already know, I always enjoy creating lists and crunching numbers.  Here’s the breakdown for this capsule wardrobe:

Business Capsule Wardrobe has 19 items:

  • 3 Blazers (2 black, 1 cobalt)
  • 1 Cardigan (black/white stripe)
  • 5 Blouses (1 white sleeveless, 1 blue, 1 black, 1 blue/black print, 1 burgundy with white stripes)
  • 1 Knit (black short sleeve lace)
  • 4 Trousers/Pants (2 full length black, 1 cropped black, 1 full length cobalt)
  • 5 shoes (1 sandal, 1 short boot, 2 flats, 1 wedge)

Unlike my recent update to my Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe, for my Business Capsule wardrobe, I didn’t remove anything to make room for these new additions.  As my dressing needs continue to shift, I find myself sporting dressier outfits more often.  To accommodate the shift in wardrobe needs, when I do my closet edit for fall (later this year) I don’t plan to add as many items as I remove, to help my wardrobe stay at a relatively consistent size overall.

How often do you update your Business Capsule wardrobe (if you have one)?

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