Spring And Summer Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 3)

(This is part three of a three-part series.  For part one, click here and for part two, click here.  This will be a long and photo heavy post.)

February 27, 2017


9 new additions to the spring capsule wardrobe

Camo Hoodie | Boyfriend Shirt | Turtleneck Tunic (similar)

Ivory Blouse | Ivory Knit (similar) | Olive Knit (similar)

Blue Short Bootcut Jeans |Black Straight Ankle Jeans | Brown Flat Shoes

In the last couple of posts I’ve been working on updating my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  It’s time for Part Three, where I’ll review what I purchased and how I am planning to wear some of the new things I’ve added to my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Part Three: Purchase Review and Wardrobe Planning.

The photo at the top of this post are the 9 pieces I bought from 6 different stores during my shopping trips for my spring and summer capsule wardrobe update.  During this update I’ve been focusing on the new additions I can use for spring.  In a month or so, I’ll shop the stores again to add my additions for the summer portion of this capsule wardrobe.

I also bought an additional 5 pieces from 3 stores for my business capsule wardrobe, which I’ll show a photo of in my next post.  Of these 14 items I picked up during this round of shopping, 11 were on my shopping list.  Here’s a review of what was on my list as well as what I bought:

  • Under Armour Hoodie.  Unexpected purchase and a new addition to my gear capsule.  I already have one hoodie in a similar print.  I often find myself doing laundry often so adding a close duplicate to my original seemed ideal.  Plus this one is rain repellent, a bonus for horseback riding on spring’s wet days.
  • Shirt or blouse for cowboy boots.  I had 2 of these on my shopping list.  This top is the first one and pairs very well with both of my boots, but especially the brown pair.
  • Black/White Striped Turtleneck Tunic.  This was an unexpected addition that I added because it paired well with the cobalt pants from my new Business Capsule outfit, which I’ll show in my next post.  This top also worked well with the white and black cropped boyfriend jeans in my spring and summer capsule wardrobe.  And let’s face it, sometimes a person falls for a low price and this top was only $5.00.  The low price and multiple pairing options spurred me to buy the tunic top.  Plus, I had plenty of empty hangers in my closet so adding this top wasn’t putting me over the limit of empty space in my closet.
  • Shirt or blouse for cowboy boots.  This is the second one I had on my shopping list.  And I discovered a bonus as I began pre-planning my outfits, this top pairs brilliantly with my olive pants.
  • Knit tops in 3/4 sleeve x2.  Another item on my shopping list, I managed to pick up 2 tops in light colors.  I selected ivory as my replacement for a basic black top, because the color will lighten up my outfits.  I already own both an olive jacket and an olive pair of pants in this wardrobe capsule, so adding an olive knit seemed like the appropriate choice.  Owning an entire outfit in the same color is a great way to ensure your capsule wardrobe will remix well within itself, even if you don’t ever plan on actually wearing the color from head to toe in an outfit.
  • Bootcut blue jeans.  I almost wasn’t able to find this item, which was on my shopping list.  My last stop was Target and that’s where I unexpectedly found these jeans which perfectly layer over my cowboy boots without showing any lumps or bulges near the calves and shin areas.  It’s taken me a few years to find bootcut jeans that paired well with my boots, while still being an ankle or short length so I don’t have to hem them, so I was especially delighted by this find at an unexpected store.totals for this capsule wardrobe.
  • Black straight leg jeans.  This was on my shopping list and I anticipate these will be a workhorse pair of jeans.  If you are also looking for skinny or straight leg jeans and have an athletic build like me, I find sizing up one size gives me a slim fit without feeling like a sausage stuffed in a casing.
  • Open item.  Surprisingly my open item ended up being a pair of shoes.  As I continue to lighten up the colors in my spring and summer capsule wardrobe, I can’t forget about the shoes.  The pointy toe of the brown flats is a refreshing change from the rest of my ballet flats in this capsule, which all have a rounded toe box.
  • Business capsule outfit (3 piece outfit-blazer, blouse, trousers or cardigan, blouse, trousers).  I’m going to check-in on this capsule in my next post, as I did manage to find a 3 piece outfit, which was on my shopping list.
  • Business capsule blouse.  Another business capsule wardrobe item, to be covered in my next post.
  • Short Sleeve Collared Shirt.  Incomplete.  The short sleeve shirt I want isn’t in the stores yet so this item will have to wait for a future shopping trip.
  • Black Lace Up Ballet Flats.  An unexpected addition to my Business Capsule wardrobe, which I’ll cover in my next post.  My current black ballet flats are starting to fade, and the lace up version look a little nicer against my black trousers in my Business Capsule wardrobe.

I find it’s always helpful to review what I bought, with what’s already in my capsule wardrobe.  I do this for 2 reasons: 1) this review allows me to ensure that what I bought will work well with the pieces in my wardrobe, and, 2) I have a collection of pre-planned outfits to grab and go on rush days when I don’t have time to fiddle with assembling an outfit in the morning.

Here’s how I’m planning wear the new pieces in my spring and summer capsule wardrobe:


New ivory knit paired with olive pants.

First up is the ivory knit.  The green pants as well as the pieces for the outfit on the left are all from the existing capsule wardrobe.  The outfit on the right includes the new ivory knit top.


New ivory print blouse with olive pants.

Here’s the olive pants again.  The black outfit on the left is all pieces from this capsule wardrobe, the outfit on the right was an unexpected find while pre-planning my outfits.  I picked up this blouse because I liked how it paired with my cowboy boots.  I was delighted to discover that this new blouse pairs perfectly with my olive pants too.


New black and white stripe turtleneck, white and brown plaid shirt, and brown flats.

Here the outfit on the left and right are both from new pieces.  The black and white stripe turtleneck is already earning it’s keep, I’ve worn it twice since I bought it and it’s only been a week!  The middle outfit is all pieces already in this capsule wardrobe.  The outfit on the right is the new white and brown plaid shirt and brown pointy toe flats.  I bought the white and brown plaid shirt for my cowboy boots, but I discovered during my pre-planning that this top pairs really well with my new flats too.


New black skinny jeans.

For these two outfits it’s the black skinny jeans that are the new addition to this capsule wardrobe.  Although I am trying to shift this capsule wardrobe to softer colors, I still enjoy having black for some of my outfits.  Black skinny jeans are a great staple item for me.


New blue bootcut jeans.

For this outfit it’s once again the jeans that are new.  This time it’s a pair of blue bootcut jeans which pair well with my cowboy boots.  It’s taken me a long time to find a pair of bootcut jeans that fit over the boots without the shafts showing lumps against the boot.  Plus I’m 5’3″ in height, and these jeans won’t requiring any hemming, which is ideal because often when I do find bootcut jeans that fit, by the time I hem them to my height, the bootcut/flare is all gone and they are straight legs.  Ah yes, short girl problems.  🙂


New olive knit and brown flats.

For my last pre-planned outfit, it’s the olive knit and brown pointy toe flats that are new.  And this outfit completes showing all of my new purchases (except for the gear hoodie) in an outfit combination.

In my next post I’ll review my new purchases for my Business Capsule wardrobe.

And last but not least, here’s what my spring and summer capsule wardrobe looks like with my new additions.  The first photo is all of the clothes and the second photo is only the shoes that I plan to use for spring.  When I update this capsule wardrobe for summer, I’ll include a photo of the shoes for the summer capsule wardrobe.


Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe.


Spring capsule wardrobe shoes.

Do you pre-plan your outfits when you buy something new?

Interested in reading more about Spring Capsule Wardrobes?  Check-out these previous posts:


  1. Well done! Love all this and your great finds. Your blog is one of my favorites and it encourages me in my capsule simplify project. 😊 Because of this series, I realize I need to start my planning earlier. Thanks!

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