No Shopping For One Month

February 6, 2017

I flipped over the paper calendar in my kitchen the other day to discover something unexpected had occurred during the entire month of January–I never went shopping for clothes.  That’s right.  January has just come and gone, and I never ordered anything online, nor did I pick up something from the brick and mortar stores.

How did this happen?

Three reasons immediately sprang to mind:

  1. My fall and winter capsule wardrobes are complete.  By January I’m a month and a half into the winter season in my area.  My winter capsule is usually fine tuned by this time of the year and any new additions have just been added from Christmas gifts.
  2. I’m saving money for my spring and summer capsule wardrobes.  With my winter capsule wardrobe in a good place, my sights have already set upon updating my spring and summer capsule wardrobes.  I’d rather put my money towards the upcoming season, than the current season.
  3. The stores don’t have what I want.  During the month of January, retail stock usually consists of 2 types of clothes: a) end of season merchandise that no one wanted over the past few months and b) resort clothing.  Neither of these options fit with my personal goal for my wardrobe, which is to start updating my spring and summer capsules.  For option A, since I have at least another 2 months (or more) of cold weather coming up, it could be tempting to pick up another sweater during the end of season sales.  But my winter wardrobe is functioning just fine right now, which is proof that I don’t need to add any more sweaters at the moment.  For option B, items from resort wear collections could be tempting to use towards my summer capsule, but summer in my area is at least 6 or 7 months away.  There’s no need for me to buy something new now, then have it sit for half a year, or longer, before I can wear it.

Have you ever not shopped for one month?

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