Valentine’s Day Outfit: Going All In

January 23, 2017


This t-shirt is a lovely option for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?  Or is it?

The first holiday of the new year is one of my favorite’s—Valentine’s Day!  Of course, the stores have moved full steam ahead and the shelves are currently filled with lots of sweet treats, stuffed animals, a bunch of sparkle, and of course lots of shine.  And I want in.  As a lover of both the upcoming holiday and clothes in general, what’s the best way for me to acknowledge the holiday?  Why with something new, of course!  But the question is, what should I buy?

I have 2 options for a Valentine’s day outfit.  Today I’m going to cover option #1—going all in.

Going all in simply means that I would buy something that is a direct nod to the holiday.  A great option is the t-shirt at the top of this post.  The price is wallet friendly, the color is the right shade of red for the holiday, and the design is perfect for Valentine’s day.


If I spend $7.88 on a t-shirt that I’m only going to wear 1 time, is that really the best use of my money?  Maybe, or, maybe not.  If I want to go all in for the holiday and wear an outfit that boldly says “I’m a Valentine’s day outfit” then a purchase of something that is obviously for Valentine’s day, such as this red t-shirt, is the right option for me.

But if I want to own something that will get worn more than only 1 day, then I may want to buy something that costs a bit more up front, but will get used more often.  Instead of going all in, I’ll want to pick option #2—a gentle touch—which is coming up in next week’s blog post.

Do you wear a special outfit for Valentine’s day?


  1. I”m really enjoying your posts! Looking forward to next one! Appreciate your blog! I don’t buy holiday specific items…..generally speaking. If I do, it happens around Christmas. I prefer the “gentle touch” approach. =)

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