Post-Holiday Workout

January 9, 2017


Left: For Winter; Right: For Spring

At the beginning of every new year companies flood the marketplace with advertisements on—diet plans, nutrition plans, exercise videos, gym memberships, etc.  Regardless of how, the end goal is the same, to help someone reach their weight loss goals.

Well I say this year, why not turn that focus onto your wardrobe too.

I’m going to take the very same top I’ve worn for the past two holiday season’s in this post, and make it work a little harder, by sporting it during the rest of our winter season, and into the spring months too.

For the winter months, I’ll layer the top with a long cardigan, colored skinny jeans, and tall boots.  Once spring rolls around, I’ll lose the cardigan, swap skinny jeans for cropped boyfriend jeans, and switch to a heeled sandal (I could also sport a ballet flat instead of a heeled shoe).

Will you make any of your holiday clothes workout during the new year?

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