New Year, New Questions

January 2, 2017

One of the best things about the start of a new year, is that it provides the opportunity to shake things up a little.  To kick off 2017, I was inspired by this post from Bridgette Raes, where Bridgette asked 10 questions to help ensure that your style and goals are aligned.

I’ve picked my favorite 4 questions and provided my answers:

Question #2-What are three realistic things you can change about the way you managed your wardrobe?

Set and stick to a monthly budget.  I’ve set item limits in previous year, but never a monthly budget.  I’ve been tracking my shopping habits for over 10 years, therefore I have all the data I could possibly need to decide on a monthly budget for myself.  Hopefully setting a monthly budget will help keep the turnover in my wardrobe low and force me to think long and hard about what I buy.

Don’t purchase souvenirs when traveling.  Souvenirs is a constant issue for me, and the more I travel the more my closet becomes filled with items that I will never be able to part with.  If I don’t stop, sooner or later my wardrobe will be filled with only souvenirs!

Stop buying boots.  Boots take a long time to wear out and I already own 6 pairs (not counting gear), which is more than enough.  Boots are also my favorite type of footwear, which is why I am always attracted to them.  But the more I own, the less I can use and I’d really like to get a lower cost per wear from the boots I already own.

Question #3-Choose three words that describe how you want to feel when you get dressed.

When I get dressed everyday I want to feel confident, put together, and consistent.  As an ex-shopaholic, in the past I’ve owned a very disjointed wardrobe.  My closet was filled with a variety of clothes leaving me dressing in one style one day and something completely different the next.  I’d like to really hone in on only 1 or 2 core styles, instead of more than a dozen.  In turn, by knowing and owning the clothes that fit my desired personal style, I’ll find myself walking out the door feeling confident and put together.

Question #8-What did you wear this year that really made you feel great?  What was it about these outfits that made you feel this way?

It’s ironic that the one thing I tried to avoid, was the one item I enjoyed wearing the most—cardigans.  I adore a layered look and blazers have become harder and harder for me to fit as I’ve put on weight.  But cardigans are far more forgiving., as well as a softer overall look.  In the past I shied away from cardigans, thinking I needed a more structured look for my workplace, but that’s simply not true.  Also, I find cardigans let me adjust easier to clanging temperatures without messing up hair and makeup the way a pullover style knit would.  I’m going to take a closer look at cardigans moving forward.

Question #9-If you had to eliminate 90% of your wardrobe, which clothing and accessories would you not part with?

Boots, jeans, and handbags.  The most expensive items in my wardrobe are also the pieces I use most often, and would not part with.

This was a great exercise to help me figure out what I want to do with my style and wardrobe moving into the new year.

Do you know what your style and wardrobe goals are for the new year?


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