Holiday Party Dressing

December 12, 2016

In my last post, I declared that this year I’m going to sport the same outfits I wore for the holiday’s last year.  But, what if I wanted to wear something new, without having to shop for an entirely new outfit?

Here are 4 different options that will freshen up my old pieces for the upcoming holiday party season:

  1. Add a top layer.  Sequins and embellishments are two details that elevate an ordinary outfit to a holiday outfit.  I could keep the same base pieces I’m already using, and simply add a sequin bomber jacket or an embellished jacket to the outfit.  Here are 2 options that I would wear.
  2. Swap the bottoms.  Another option would be to add a little sparkle or lace to the bottom half of my outfit.  Here are 2 options that I would wear, and a third for anyone who enjoys sporting a skirt.  For all 3 of these pieces, I could swap the short boots from my original outfit for the black heeled sandals or black wedge pumps from my business capsule.
  3. Add statement jewelry.  My third option would be to add some statement jewelry to my original outfit.  Chokers are on trend, draw the viewers eyes up to the face, and will not interfere with the lace detail on my top.  Here are 2 options I would wear.
  4. Introduce a new color.  My original outfit is very dark, solely focused on black.  My final option would be to add a color (I choose red, but gold is also lovely paired with black) to my outfit by either swapping the bottoms or the shoes.

Will you tweak last year’s holiday outfit to reuse some of your pieces for this year?

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