Just Like New

September 25, 2016


My 6 year old steamer.

One of the things that I adore about new clothes, is the new clothes look and feel.  The colors are bright, the materials are not pilled (or stained, or torn), and there are no wrinkles!  After I wash something, it is just never the same as when it was purchased new.  And sometimes, that desire for something new, spurs me to want to shop.  Until I discovered steaming my clothes.

The steamer above I purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond 6 years ago and it is still going strong.  What I adore most about it, is that steaming my clothes always has them looking new again.   I steam everything in my closet, even my jeans, but I find that the garments that benefit most from a steamer is lightweight knitwear, which often has a do not iron label on it.

My steamer is no longer available but if I were to replace it, I’d select another Conair, such as this one.

Do you steam your clothes to make them look like “new”?

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