Released Back Into The Sea

September 13, 2016

short and tall wedge boots

Left: Sale Boots // Right: Already Own Boots

During my favorite sale, I fell in love with the green plaid boots on the left.  I went back and forth, undecided on purchasing them.  They weren’t on my shopping list, and I had already picked up a pair of short boots during the sale.  BUT….they were super cute and they were on sale!

Right before the sale ended, I snatched them up.  After all, they were from a brand (Sorel) I already knew, they were a wedge heel (ie comfy for my fussy feet) and did I mention the most important point of all—they were on sale!

But when I brought them home, everything changed.

Upon arriving at home and reviewing what’s inside my closet, I discovered that I already owned the tall tan boots on the right.  Comparing the sale boots with the tall tan boots, they are the same brand, the same heel height, and any outfit that I could pair with the green plaid boots, also paired just as easily with the tall tan boots.  This created a predicament.

If I kept the sale boots, they would cut into the wearing time of the boots I already owned.  

After a long, difficult debate with myself, I returned the sale boots.  While the green plaid boots are super cute, they were never on my shopping list, and they would cut into the use of the boots I already have.  It would make more sense to wait and spend my money on a pair of boots that did not encroach on the outfits for boots that I already own.

Ultimately, I released the sale boots back into the sea of choices for fall shoppers, so that someone else, who CAN use these boots in their wardrobe, will be able to snatch them up.

Would you have returned the sale boots?

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