How To Transition From Summer to Fall

August 30, 2016

3 options to transition from summer to fall.

The time of year when my area is shifting from summer to fall, is a great time to sport outfits remixed with items from both my Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer capsule wardrobes.  Transitional outfits allow me to get a little more use out of the clothes from the summer season, while also allowing me to sport any new fall clothes right away.  Sometimes I think transition months are the most fun and interesting to dress for.

When my area transitions from summer to fall, the days are often still warm to hot (70-90F), while the early mornings and late evenings have already begun to cool down (55-70F).  These are my three favorite ways for transitioning from summer to fall:

Option #1-Pairing white with fall colors

Option #1-Pair white with fall colors.

One of the easiest ways to add a little fall to summer clothes is by pairing white with a fall color, such as olive.  This let’s me use my white bottoms a little longer.

#2-Pairing lightweight sweaters with summer bottoms

Option #2-Pair lightweight sweaters with summer bottoms.

A second option is to sport a lightweight sweater over summer bottoms, such as shorts (or cropped jeans).  This is a fun look on those days when it’s starting to get chilly in the morning’s and evening’s but still rather warm throughout the middle of the day.

#3-Add a third layer

Option #3-Add a third–lightweight–layer.

The third option is my favorite, add a third layer.  Fall is a great time to start adding jackets, blazers, cardigans, and scarves to summer outfits.  An extra bonus, layering instantly makes an outfit more interesting.  You can also start adding in boots, which is my favorite type of footwear.

How do you to transition your wardrobe for fall?


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