Prepping For Fall (Part Four)

(This is part 4 of a 4-part series—Prepping For Fall.  For part-one click here, part-two click here, and part-three click here.  This is a photo heavy post.)

August 23, 2016

Three stragglers from Banana Republic.

3 new additions for fall from Banana Republic.

I’ve finally arrived at the last post of this series, what is in my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe for the start of the fall season.  But before I start the number crunching, I have one more photo of new additions—the straggler items.  These 3 items are not from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is my favorite sale, they are from Banana Republic instead.  After all of the shopping I did at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, why do I have yet more new things?

In my last post, you’ll notice that there were a few items marked incomplete after shopping my favorite sale.  I stumbled across these 3 pieces in my quest to complete my Fall/Winter Capsule shopping list:

  1. Black Jeans: The black jeans are a replacement for a pair of black jeans in my Spring/Summer Capsule wardrobe (which will be discussed in a future post).
  2. Black Crewneck Knit: The black crewneck knit (and the green chino trousers) are new additions to the Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe.  The black knit, actually crosses off one of the outstanding items on my Business Capsule shopping list (a black knit for the blazers), but it also pairs well with the green chinos so I am keeping it as part of my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe.
  3. Green Chino Trousers: The green chino trousers are my attempt to vary up my bottoms from jeans all of the time.  I decided to keep the green chino trousers because they will remix well with the new additions to both my Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Capsule wardrobes.
Remixing for Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe footwear.

Remixing for Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe footwear with green chinos.

Spring/Summer Capsule footwear.

Remixing for Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe footwear with green chinos.

Of course, new additions mean only one thing, something has to go.  I donated 2 pairs of jeans, one for the new cropped jeans from the Anniversary Sale and one for the new green chino trousers from Banana Republic.

Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe bottoms- before.

Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe bottoms—Before.

Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe bottoms- after.

Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe bottoms—After.

I still have a few outstanding items on my Fall/Winter wardrobe shopping list, but for now, here’s what’s in my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe.

Fall/Winter and Business Capsule wardrobes.

Fall/Winter and Business Capsule wardrobes with new additions.

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe-Shoes.

Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe—Shoes.

Business Capsule-Shoes.

Business capsule wardrobe—Shoes.

I have 57 items in my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe:

  • 2 Vest (gear) (no change)
  • 1 Knit (gear) (no change)
  • 1 Flannel Shirt (gear) (no change)
  • 1 Jean (bootcut-gear) (no change)
  • 1 Blazer (no change)
  • 1 Jacket (no change)
  • 2 Cardigans (1 is worn in the winter and 1 is sentimental-no change)
  • 11 Knits (1 turtleneck, 4 crewnecks-added 6; 2 short sleeve crewnecks, 3 pullover knits, 1 top)
  • 7 LS T’s (used for layering-added 1)
  • 6 Jeans/Trousers (added 2 and removed 2, no total net change; 2 bootcut, 2 skinny, 1 boyfriend cropped, 1 chino trouser)
  • 6 Thermals (no change)
  • 2 Capes (1 in the photo, 1 on my office chair at work-no change)
  • 8 Pullovers/Sweaters/Ponchos (6 are worn in the winter and 2 are sentimental-no change)
  • 8 Shoes: 7 Boots (1 Over The Knee, 2 Knee High [black, pebble], 2 Short/Booties-added 1 and removed 2, went down by 1-donated black buckle and grey short boot [black/taupe, mushroom], 2 Cowboy [sentimental]) and 1 Shoe)

And on the far right of the closet rod, is the Business Capsule Wardrobe which currently contains 14 items (counting the shoes):

  • 3 Blazers (cobalt and black-added 1 black, which can also be worn for casual use)
  • 3 trousers (black lined full length and black cropped-added 1 black)
  • 3 Blouses (black, black print, blue-no change)
  • 2 knits (black lace and black turtleneck-no change)
  • 3 pairs of shoes (added 1 wedge, donated 1 pump, no net change, black patent pumps, black heel sandal, black short boot)

Also here’s what’s left from my shopping lists.

For the Business Capsule (3 items):

  1. Pointy toe flat shoe
  2. Long Sleeve-Blouse for one of the blazers
  3. Three short sleeve tops for the blazers for warmer months (I’m not going to worry about this until the spring)

And for the Fall/Winter Capsule (6 items):

  1. Knit/Top for Brown Suede Jacket x2
  2. Printed or Striped LS T for Tan Sweatercoat x2
  3. Knit/Tops for Cowboy Boots x2

Sometimes I wonder if my favorite sale is worth shopping, well looking at my leftovers from my shopping lists (which originally had 23 items and is now down to 9) I’d say yes.  But how about for my wallet?  I saved 38% on my purchase when I compared the sale price to the full price.  So again, I would say yes.

In my next post I’ll demonstrate how to transition from summer to fall, using my new additions to my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe.

Is your wardrobe ready for the upcoming Fall/Winter (or Spring/Summer) season?

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