Prepping For Fall (Part Two)

(This is part 2 of a 4-part series—Prepping For Fall.   For part-one click here.)

August 7, 2016


Fall/Winter and Business capsule wardrobes after the closet edit.

Fall/Winter Capsule Footwear

Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe–Shoes (well mostly boots actually)

In my last post I began prepping for fall (part one) before I go out shopping at my favorite sale.  During that review session, I did an edit of both my Fall/Winter and Business capsule wardrobes.  I also began writing my shopping list, which contained 7 items to fill wardrobe holes for my Business Capsule.

Today I’ll review what the total and breakdown of my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe was after that closet editing session.  I’ll also share the rest of my shopping list, this time with the items I desire for my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe.

Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe after the closet edit:

I walked away from my recent closet edit with 13 empty hangers and 51 items:

  • 2 Vest (gear)
  • 1 Knit (gear)
  • 1 Flannel Shirt (gear)
  • 1 Jean (bootcut-gear)
  • 1 Blazer (added from the Business Capsule wardrobe)
  • 1 Jacket
  • 2 Cardigans (1 is worn in the winter and 1 is sentimental)
  • 5 Knits (1 turtleneck, 4 crewnecks)
  • 6 LS T’s (used for layering)
  • 6 Jeans (3 bootcut and 3 skinny)
  • 6 Thermals
  • 2 Capes (1 in the photo, 1 on my office chair at work)
  • 8 Pullovers/Sweaters/Ponchos (6 are worn in the winter and 2 are sentimental)
  • 9 Shoes: 8 Boots (1 Over The Knee, 2 Knee High [black, pebble], 3 Short/Booties [grey, black buckle, black/taupe], 2 Cowboy [sentimental]) and 1 Shoe (added from the Business Capsule wardrobe)

And as a reminder, on the far right of the closet rod, is the Business capsule wardrobe which currently contains 12 items (counting the shoes not shown in the closet photo, but the Business capsule wardrobe can be found in this post):

  • 2 Blazers (cobalt and black)
  • 2 trousers (black lined full length and black cropped)
  • 3 Blouses (black, black print, blue)
  • 2 knits (black lace and black turtleneck)
  • 3 pairs of shoes (black patent pumps, black heel sandal, black short boot)

Looking at the wardrobe holes in my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe, I began with the toppers that have no knitwear to layer with:

Toppers with no well...tops.

Toppers with no well…tops.  Hmm…

  • Knit/Top for Brown Suede Jacket x2:  I currently have only one style of knit to layer with this jacket, 2 turtlenecks, the navy one from my Fall/Winter Capsule and the black one from my Business Capsule Wardrobe.  This suede jacket is a piece that I’d really like to use more often, especially during the fall season, paired with my cowboy boots.
  • Printed or Striped LS T for Tan Sweatercoat x2: This sweatercoat has moved from loungewear to the fall/winter wardrobe and back again.  It is a sentimental piece, as I picked it up in Europe during my honeymoon.  I currently have nothing to pair with it and it’s a shame that it sits unworn a lot.
  • Fun Blazer for Jeans: I always adore the look of jeans paired with a blazer.  While I can (and sometimes do) pair my Business Capsule blazers with jeans, I would like a fun blazer that is specifically for jeans.  Currently I only own one blazer in my Fall/Winter Capsule, and it was the tan blazer moved from the Business Capsule.
Plenty of Sweaters/Jumpers for now.

Looks like I have plenty of sweater for now.

A quick look at my Pullovers/Sweaters/Ponchos, I own 8 and 6 are used regularly during the season (the two on the left are sentimental).  I don’t see any holes to fill for this category.

With my toppers (blazers, cardigans, and pullovers) sorted, it’s time to move onto my boots.  Last year I struggled with wearing all of my boots regularly, often complaining I “have nothing to wear” with many of my boots:

Boots that need tops.

Boots (and half outfits) that need tops.

  • Knit for Tall Tan Boots: These boots were purchased at the end of last year and were only worn once.  It would be nice to pair these with some tops and start using them in the fall.  I tried these boots with the sweatercoat from above, while the colors pair well together, the length of the sweatercoat is too long for these boots and hits the top of them.
  • Knit for Over The Knee (OTK) Black Boots:  A pair of boots that sat unworn a lot last year, I only have a long ribbed tunic sweater that I pair with these.  It would be nice to have an additional top so that these boots are worn more often.
  • Knit/Tops for Cowboy Boots x2:  I have two pairs of cowboy boots and they both sit unworn a lot because I don’t have many toppers for them.  The brown one’s were paired with the brown suede jacket needs in the prior photo.  For the cognac pair, I have one cardigan/knit pairing (from the Spring/Summer Capsule) that I sport with these.  The cognac jacket, is part of my outerwear capsule and is always paired with these cognac boots.  But I have no tops to layer with the jacket.  I would really like two shorter length tops, so that you can see my cowgirl belt.
  • Wildcard Outfit: The most challenging and most fun item on my list.  Shopping isn’t fun if it’s only to fill wardrobe holes.  Sometimes a gal wants to try something new.  And the only way to freshen up one’s style is to try out the latest styles or trends and see what you like.  I sport jeans daily, and I’m open to adding a fun style jean (a color, a different cut, etc) or a pair of trousers that are casual (maybe chinos or corduroy’s) or even a dress would be an option here.  The point is to give myself a new outfit, that freshens up my style for the fall season.  If I don’t, I may quickly grown bored of my new things and start to shop very soon after the sale.  The challenging part, is making sure I stop at one or two new outfits, I don’t want to run off like a wildebeest and purchase an entire new wardrobe!

I walked away from my closet review with 10 items on my shopping list for my Fall/Winter capsule (I’m counting the wildcard outfit as 1 item, although it can consist of 3-4 pieces for a complete outfit).  Adding in my total from my Business Capsule shopping list (7 items from this post) and my yearly replacement sale items (lingerie wash, bras, underwear and towels x3) I’m up to 23 items!  That’s an awful lot to add at one time.

Lots of black boots.

Lots of black boots.

Finally, looking at the rest of my boots, last season I struggled to create outfits with all of the black footwear.  I haven’t come up with a solution for this problem yet, so I’ll just let this issue simmer for a little while.  I have plenty of things to shop for already anyway.

In my next post we shall see how well I did (or did not do) shopping at my favorite sale.

Are your shopping trips more successful when you use a list?  


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