Tackling The Jeans

July 17, 2016

multiple pairs of jeans

My overfilled jeans capsule wardrobe.

Encouraged by DH’s recent T-shirt purge, I decided to tackle one of the clothing areas that has managed to climb up in number on me lately, jeans.  I sport my jeans daily, making this a challenging area for me during a closet edit.

As someone with a pear shape body, athletic build, and short in height, bottoms are always a headache for me to shop for.  In fact, I am often so aggravated when shopping for any type of bottom, I eliminated dresses and skirt from my closet a long time ago, and I rarely sport shorts.  I only own 3 pairs of shorts and I haven’t worn them since going on holiday in May.  Even in our current 90-100F temperatures, you will typically find me in jeans.  My general tendency to run cold in air conditioned settings, combined with the fit challenges due to my body type, means that bottoms are just as hard for me to purge, as they are to shop for.

Here’s how I purged my jeans:

  1. My jean capsule wardrobe (the photo at the top of this post) had 17 pairs (which includes my gear jeans)—yikes!  2 cropped jeans, 7 bootcut jeans, and 8 skinny jeans.
  2. I began by pulling out all of the jeans I am currently using in my spring and summer capsule wardrobe.  That total was 5.  One cropped white pair (what I wear as my “shorts”), three pairs of skinny jeans, and a pair of bootcut blue jeans as gear (for horseback riding).
jeans for spring and summer capsule wardrobe

Spring and Summer Jeans Capsule Wardrobe.

Next up was tackling my fall and winter capsule wardrobe jeans.  At first I was going to use the same number as the spring/summer capsule, 4 daily use jeans and 1 gear pair.  Beginning at 17 pairs of jeans, and reducing down to 10, would mean purging 7 pairs of jeans.  Every time I got down to 5 pairs of jeans for fall/winter, I balked at the donation pile with 7 pairs of jeans in it.  I just couldn’t let go of 41.2% of my jean collection.

Why was this capsule so hard?  Well, I’m not currently using my fall/winter capsule.  How do I really know if 4 pairs of jeans is enough for fall/winter?  Also, my fall and winter capsule wardrobe is usually my largest capsule in my closet.  I sport boots for as long as I can every year, which means all of my jeans dedicated to boots are used more often than the jeans in my spring/summer capsule.

So I decided on donating 5 pairs of jeans (29.4%) instead of 7.  I figure I can always revisit the jeans in my fall and winter capsule wardrobe again during the season to see if I kept too much.

Jeans for fall and winter capsule wardrobe.

Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe Jeans.

My fall and winter capsule wardrobe jeans includes: 3 bootcut jeans, 3 skinny jeans, and an additional pair of skinny blue jeans as gear (for horseback riding).  This brings about an interesting question, why don’t I just use my summer skinnies in the winter (or vice versa) and shrink my jean capsule a little more?

A great question.  Unlike the skinny jeans in my spring and summer capsule wardrobe, the skinnies in my winter capsule are very tight near the ankle, and I don’t like the look with flats.  My summer skinny jeans bunch at the ankle, making them appealing to my eye with flats, but they tend to bunch up uncomfortably when paired with knee high boots for the winter.

Unlike DH’s recent T-shirt purge, I wasn’t able to cull my jean capsule wardrobe by half.  However, I did remove 5 pairs, and that’s a fine start.

Jeans capsule to donate.

A jean capsule wardrobe ready for donation.

I find it helpful to review why something is leaving my closet.  Here’s why I’m letting these 5 pairs of jeans go…the black cropped jeans I haven’t worn once this spring/summer season, I keep favoring my white crops instead.  The 3 bootcut jeans are either worn out, don’t fit, or I never liked the color of the wash on the jeans, and the skinny pair, were worn out.  And I’m happy to report that the purchase price of these jeans ranged from $39.99 to $119.90 and the cost per wear was under $1.00 for all of them, except the 1 pair that I didn’t like the wash of.  A few worn out pairs of jeans is a great sign of progress, yay!

Do you struggle to purge your jeans?


  1. Yes, I do! I’m almost 6 ft and I have trouble in the fit area with pants/jeans. I wear mine for YEARS! I am loosing weight right now, so I will be on the hunt for new ones as soon as the fall rolls around. I do wear shorts though. They have to be pretty long, which is hard to find and I end up hanging on to my shorts for YEARS, too. ;). I really enjoy your posts! Keep up the great work!

    1. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who struggles with bottoms. Congrats on the weight loss, that’s wonderful news. My DH is also working on losing weight and is hoping to replace his wardrobe come fall. And thank you so much for reading and commenting! Comments are a bloggers fuel and it motivates me to keep writing blog posts. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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