She’s Got Shoes, He’s Got T-Shirts

July 10, 2016

men's t-shirt capsule wardrobe

That’s a lot of T-shirts in DH’s closet!

DH has the kind of closet that I can only dream about.  As a minimalist, his closet rods and shelves have all of the room to store the things that he needs, without everything squeezed and squished together.  Yet despite his small wardrobe, every year there is one item that creeps up in number, until the stacks are ready to fall over.  It’s the clothing item every man owns too much of—T-shirts!

A woman may own too many shoes, but when it comes to husband’s, it’s always too many T-shirts (or sneakers), isn’t it?  We set aside some time and went through his supply of T-shirts.  In about an hour, DH and I managed to reduce his T-shirts by 50%.

We started with 40 T-shirts, yikes!  Since DH has been dieting to lose weight, we created 4 piles:

  1. Pile 1-We kept 10 T-shirts for the size he is now.  8 in the closet, 1 to wear that day and 1 was in the wash.
  2. Pile 2-We kept 8 T-shirts for when he loses 10 pounds, or a year passes, whichever comes first.
  3. Pile 3-We kept 2 junk T-shirts (not shown in photo)
  4. Pile 4-The donation pile, a total of 20 T-shirts.

And here’s DH’s T-shirt collection after the closet edit.  The T-shirts on the left are worn now and the T-shirts on the right are for when DH loses weight, or 1 year rolls around.

Men's T-shirt capsule wardrobe

Streamlined T-shirt capsule wardrobe.

What item do you, or your partner, always have a tendency to overstock?

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