Open Space

May 24, 2016

Empty closet

Empty closet at the start of The DH Closet Challenge.

One of these reasons why I strive to reduce the size of my wardrobe, is so that my clothes have a little breathing room.  I used to pull out one top, and get two more along with it, either because the hangers were squished together, or because more than one top was stored on the same hanger.  As I have purged pieces from my wardrobe, and have not add anything new, I’ve been able to increase the amount of open space in my closet.

The photo above is from the start of The DH Closet Challenge, and is the the ultimate example of open space in a closet.

Today, after years of struggling with overshopping, this open space represents a state of satisfaction.  Empty space in my closet, means that I have enough, and I am where I want to be.

But a few years ago, this open space meant scarcity.  I strived to fill every inch of available space in my closet, because these empty areas, meant that my life was empty too.

Open space used to make me shop and seek to add more, but now, this open space demonstrates that I am exactly where I want to be—happy and content.

What does the open space in your closet mean to you?


  1. Anytime I open a cabinet, and see space around the select things that I have chosen to keep, it fills me with great joy and peace. Well done on getting to this point with your closet! I am not quite there yet, but I’m getting closer 🙂

  2. It’s a slow process, but it is always nice to see progress. If one keeps working at it, sooner or later the results are bound to appear, right? Thanks for reviewing and stopping by!

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