Spring Fling

April 11, 2016

spring capsule wardrobe with 10 items

10 item spring capsule wardrobe.

I mentioned in this post, that my area has a cold and wet spring, which prevents me from purchasing clothing from spring collections.  But after many months of winter weather, I still want to feel like it is spring.  Instead of purchasing spring collection clothing, which has lightweight pieces that will not keep me warm, I use neutrals, lighter colors and flower prints to give my outfits a spring-like vibe.  Above are ten pieces I sport often during spring months.

Here’s a closer look at what I bought and why:

  • 3 Jeans: White, black, blue.  I wear a lot of denim and the easiest way for me to lighten up my outfits is to start adding in some white.
  • White LS T and Navy Knit: Both of these pieces are good for layering under jackets and blazers, and since they are not black or grey, lighten up an outfit.
  • Grey Booties:  Again I lighten up the footwear, by swapping out black for grey.  And since it’s still a boot, I’m able to keep my feet warm and dry when it rains.
  • Denim Jacket and Green Jacket:  I use this lighter weight jackets all spring and summer as a topper for layered outfits.  I simply swap out the long sleeves for short sleeves as the weather continues to warm up.
  • White/Grey Color Block Sweater/Jumper: This pullover doesn’t have any black in it, but is thick enough to keep me warm on a rainy day.
  • Flower Print Scarf:  The easiest way to add some spring into a wardrobe is with an accessory, in this case, a scarf that keeps my neck warm, but the flowers are a nod to spring.

And below are 3 outfits using these items.

spring capsule wardrobe outfits

3 spring capsule wardrobe outfits.

How do you add a little spring into your wardrobe?


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