Falling For Spring Fashion

March 28, 2016

The spring season in my area is often cold and rainy for the entire 3 months.  Day after day of dreary, wet, damp days, with a chill in the air, forces me to reach for warm layers often.  However, for retailers, the spring season brings an inventory filled with dresses, capri length pants/trousers, light weight knitwear, and shoes that look best worn without a sock.  While these items are pretty to look at, they are not suitable for my spring season dressing needs.

I used to own a 4-season wardrobe, and within it I would have items that were purchased from spring collections.  Yet, year after year, I would never get the opportunity to wear my spring clothing.  Instead I found myself reaching for my fall clothes, items which were a bit heavier in weight and therefore providing the warmth I desired for spring’s rainy and chilly days.

Now, I own very few items purchased from a spring collection.  My fall wardrobe is an assortment of neutrals.  For spring, I opt to sport the items from my fall wardrobe, that are in the lightest colored neutrals (gray, tan, beige, cream, white).  Since my fall wardrobe is filled with neutral colors, I dress for spring weather using a seasonless look.  After all, neutrals tend to look “right” for any season.

If I wasn’t a fan of neutrals all of the time, a second option, would be to own heavier weight clothing in spring colors.  Flower prints and pastels are hallmarks of spring collections season after season.  Purchasing clothing with spring elements is another way to stay warm, while dressing for a wet and cold spring season.

Fall clothing in lighter colored neutrals vs spring collection clothing, which is your spring wardrobe filled with? 

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