A Seasonal Loss

March 6, 2016

We are entering the spring season in my area, which means lots of cool, rain filled days.  Our winter season was unusually warm this past season.  While the warmer weather was a welcome change from our rather cold winters these past few years, it also meant that I rarely had the opportunity to sport my heaviest and warmest sweaters/jumpers.  With so few days allowing me to sport my cold weather things, it begs the question, what do I do, with all the leftovers?

Normally, unworn items I am tempted to purge at the end of the season.  But our winter was warm, and this unusual weather affected what I wore (or didn’t wear really).  Should I still purge my clothes?  Well, I could, but that’s probably not the best choice.  After all, what if next winter, it’s back to the standard cold again?

I’m going to give my current sweater/jumper collection one more season before I start to purge anything from lack of use.  After two years, if something goes unworn, I think it’s fair to let the item go.

Has the weather ever affected your desire to purge your wardrobe?

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