Sweater Withdrawal

December 27, 2015

We are having a unseasonably warm winter season thus far.  And while I am enjoying the break from the biting cold temperatures of winter (it was almost 70F on Christmas Day, and typically it is 25-35F), the warm weather does not have me reaching for any of my sweaters/jumpers.  This presents an interesting dilemma, what to do with the sweaters that I own, but am not using?

And I’m not alone with an overstock of knitwear for the current winter season.  Retailers are pushing their sales, heavily focusing on discounting sweaters/jumpers, outerwear, and boots, items that are usually in high demand during the winter season.

The unseasonably warm winter has caused sweater withdrawal.  But this does not mean that I should run out and purchase sweater after sweater after sweater, just because they are on sale.  After all, I am not able to use the clothes that I already own, therefore I certainly do not need to add more to the pile.

But there’s yet another side effect of the warmer winter weather.  I want to purchase more warm weather clothing.  I’m using more, so naturally I want to own more too.  I’ve started eyeing short sleeve turtlenecks and sweaters, hoping that these styles will provide the sweater fix that I am desperately craving.  Yet the truth is, my wardrobe is functioning just fine, using what I already own.  My spring and summer clothes are getting more use, which means that I don’t actually need to purchase anything new.  At least not until something wears out.

Does unexpected weather prompt you to change your wardrobe?






  1. The only things that really changed for me, was that I pulled out a couple pairs of shorts and sandals, to bring down to Florida for Christmas. In Atlanta, I’ve just layered less, and I’m happy wearing what I have.

    I feel pretty ‘complete’ for warm- or cool-winter wear, no sense of withdrawal, or wanting to shop. I would like another pair of black jeans, but with no sense of urgency. A white cashmere/wool coat is on my radar, but it would have to be superlative in fit and quality and also be on sale.

    Every once in awhile, I am feeling that prickle to go see what my favorite handful of consignment and thrift shops are carrying, but so far, it’s been easy to ignore. i.e., the bother of walking to the garage where my car is parked, and driving somewhere, outweighs the desire to shop. Lazy wins the day. 😀 😀 😀

    1. LOL that’s awesome that lazy is out weighing shopping. I have focused on cleaning and holiday preparations to keep my shopping beast contained during our unusually warm winter thus far.

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