One For Them And Two For Me

(I’m still working on the number crunching from my last post, but didn’t want to miss a week posting something new.)

December 13, 2015

As someone who loves to shop, the holiday season is the most difficult time of the year.  I HAVE to go out shopping because I need gifts for other people.  But, as someone who struggles with shopping too much, having to visit the stores means I’m exposed to temptation more often at this time of year.  And I usually end up getting into trouble.  Because when I buy one new thing for someone else, usually I end up with an additional two new things for me.

But why does this happen?

I think the lull of something new, just rubs off after a while.  After all, I’m getting everyone else something new, shouldn’t I be entitled to something new too?  To combat this trend, my solution has been to hand over my new purchases to my family, as gift ideas for me.  Now they don’t need to go shopping, because I’ve already done it all for them!  It’s not a foolproof method, but it does ensure that the gifts that I receive, I know I will like.

Do you pick out the presents for yourself?




  1. I do this! I am working at asking myself hard questions about the items I put in my basket. However, I often do buy things that are on my “fun money list” that have a good price. Even these items I’m trying to scrutinize heavily. Sometimes, I just don’t listen to myself! I am making progress. Glad I’m not the only one…..

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