Sometimes, It’s OK To Shop

December 3, 2015

As someone who struggles with a shopping addiction, one of the hardest things is to feel “good” about shopping.  No matter the cause, when it comes to shopping, for someone that’s a shopaholic, it’s all about deflecting the fact that you bought something.

Too often I find myself sneaking around so that I can give myself “me time” to purchase or browse for items.  Or I’ll catch myself stuffing a new purchase in my handbag when I enter the house so that no one sees the shopping bag.  And it’s an automatic reaction for me to reply to a compliment with a justification that the item is either not new, or, was simply purchased at a low price.
When you spend hours, days, weeks, months, and even years fighting and struggling with your inner desires to shop and manage your wardrobe, sooner or later you have to just take a step back and say “it’s ok to shop.”  Sure, there are plenty of times that my shopping has gone overboard and I end up donating new items or running back and forth to the stores with returns.  But occasionally it’s a good idea to lift the heavy weight of “wrong” and acknowledge that all shopping is not bad.  It’s only the shopping that is outside of my personal goals and needs, that is not a smart thing for me to do.

Do you tell yourself your shopping is “good” or “bad?”



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