Come Back For More

November 29, 2015


Return to the store for your savings offer.

I recently received this “coupon” during a store visit.  The card states to return within a predefined time frame to learn what my savings is—ranging from $10 to $500.

But this savings offer comes with a catch.

The catch is that I have to go to the store and have an associate scan the card to tell me what my savings will be.  The best way to get someone to purchase something, is to entice the shopper into your store.  This card is a “come back for more” savings offer.  Just another way that marketers get people to spend their hard earned money.

My card went into the trash bin.  My curiosity to learn what savings I had with the card was not as high as my desire to stop excessive overshopping.

Would you have kept or tossed the savings card?



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