Black Friday Alternatives

November 26, 2015

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  As Black Friday has grown in popularity, the hours to shop have expanded, while the savings to your wallet have decreased in size.  Some people would even argue that Black Friday itself is no longer the day to shop.  One should wait for Saturday or even Cyber Monday instead.

While retailers have been working hard trying to entice people to shop til they drop over the next 4 days, I’ve been working hard on a different objective—what I’m going to do instead of shopping.

Here’s my list:

  1. Decorate for Christmas.  What better time to climb in the attic for the decorations and then clean and spice up the house than when I am home for a couple of days.
  2. Catch up on paperwork.  Bills have piled up, along with random mounds of papers and other clutter.  I’m going to clear out the paper clutter.
  3. Purchase a gym membership.  The one purchase I will make over the next few days, a gym membership.  I’ve visited my local gym at least twice a week the past few weeks.  For Black Friday, the special is no money down and one month free  A perfect time to join.
  4. Fill out Holiday cards.  I’m going to fill out my cards, so that they are ready for the mailman.

Obtaining a “deal” always leaves me feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  By using the next few days to prepare for the holiday season and catching up on the tasks I dislike the least (paper clutter and holiday cards) I’ll return to work next week feeling like I still accomplished something, without getting caught up in the shopping madness generated by retailers.

After all, deals can be found on other days too, not just during the Thanksgiving weekend.

If you don’t shop during Black Friday, what will you do?



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