Black Friday Creep

November 22, 2015

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, or is it?

“Creep” is when something slowly and carefully moves.  You’ll hear me mention the term “wardrobe creep” for those times when my wardrobe total has increased slowly over time without my conscious knowledge.  I’ve noticed the same trend for Black Friday sales, thus the term “Black Friday Creep.”  The start of the holiday shopping season has slowly crept up in date over the years.

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen multiple signs displaying “Black Friday” sales.  And in my local outlet mall today, more than one store had their Thanksgiving Day Sales signs already on display and the discounts already available in the stores.  Except Thanksgiving, isn’t for another FOUR days!

Clearly my wardrobe isn’t the only thing that can creep up in number.  Black Friday has crept up in calendar dates.

This has me wondering, are the sales as good today as they were in prior years?  When a sale is offered every single day, I no longer consider it a true “sale.”  As far as I can tell, a daily sale just means that the offered “sale” price is the “regular” price for the product.  After all, the item can’t REALLY be on sale every day, right?

Do you think the Black Friday sales are as good today as they were in the past?


  1. No, and yes. I’m with you on this Black Friday Creep. I feel if a store is carrying an extended sale,then THAT is the actual price, and we’re all getting ridiculous markups the rest of the time. Ann Taylor and that 40% off sign that I ALWAYS see in front of the store. That isn’t a sale, that’s the regular price, and if you aren’t getting that price, you’ve been taken for a ride.

    The ‘yes’ is that there are some great great deals out there – electronics, for example, but it requires a good deal of patience, online navigation, price checking and comparisons, and being willing to pursue price adjustments. You gotta work for it. But the BF, after 9-10 months of stalking, was able to get the printer we’ve been wanting…it hovers in the $130-140 range. It dipped down to $90, and he didn’t snap. He was kind of regretting that, but it dipped to $80, and he got it.

    So…yes. There are great deals still out there, you just have to navigate the rat trap to get to the cheese.

    1. Very, very true. I do think that electronics have the best deals during the Black Friday madness. But I am going to stay warm and cozy at home, putting up my Christmas decorations instead of shopping.

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