My Favorite Socks

November 15, 2015

Smartwool socks

Smartwool socks are my favorite socks.

I have sweaty feet and when I wear cotton socks my feet always end up soaking wet by the end of the day.  The cotton just can’t absorb all of the moisture.

Most wool socks I find too scratchy against my skin, but the Smartwool brand works really well for me.  I’ve picked these up in sporting good stores, The Walking Company, and ordered them directly from Amazon.  They come in many options and I prefer the “casual” style as it has the same thickness throughout the sock (photo above) which works well for me as a daily sock.  In fact these work so well, I sport them year round as my daily socks.

If your feet are like mine and sweat easily, you may want to give the Smartwool brand a try!

What’s your favorite brand of socks?

(This post is not sponsored.)

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