The Unsettled Wardrobe

November 12, 2015

Two things from my behavior lately have stood out:

  1. During closet purges I often find items to donate instead of discarding them.  These pieces are still in good physical condition, but for one reason or another, I’m no longer interested in owning them.
  2. I am constantly evaluating, then re-evaluating my wardrobe.  And this leads to continuous tweaks to my wardrobe (let me add a top here, purge a knit there, you get the idea…).

This raised an interesting question.

Why is my wardrobe always unsettled?

I don’t have an exact answer to this question, but I do have a few guesses:

  • My closet has items that are no longer in rotation
  • I still own impulse purchases that never “worked” with the pieces in my wardrobe
  • I want to try a new trend or style
  • The lack of variety has lead to boredom with my clothes
  • I’m missing something to complete an outfit
  • I don’t own anything I want to wear for a specific occasion or event
  • My clothes are no longer in good condition
  • I own items that no longer fit (physically or current lifestyle needs)

If any 1 (or more) of the above list are true, it could be a reason why my wardrobe never feels complete.  This list is also a good check-list on how to evaluate my wardrobe to make it more functional (and me more happy with it) in the future.

Why does your wardrobe sometimes feel unsettled?

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