Targeting The Boutique

November 5, 2015


Five new items.

Five new additions to the working closet.

In my last check-in I was happy to report that I did not add anything new into my working closet from the boutique during week 4.  Yet, despite this achievement my wardrobe, or more specifically the boutique itself, was constantly in my thoughts.

Which begs the question.


To find the answer, I went back to my behavior over the last week.  I did not add anything to my working closet.  Again, I asked, why?  I looked at the working closet.  Right now, I really like everything I’ve selected.  I went back to looking at the boutique and the light bulb went off.

I kept thinking about the boutique, because I don’t like everything in it.  I am not satisfied with the choices.  Well that’s an easy fix, do a closet purge.  Except, that’s not as easy as it sounds.  After all, I only have 1 month worth of clothing in my working closet right now.  I’m going to need to add more clothes as the seasons progress.

So, I went out and did my favorite pastime instead—Shopping!

I purchased the 5 items pictured above.  These new additions will be immediately added to my working closet for week 5.

Except I’m doing The DH Closet Challenge (Part II)-Wardrobe Refinement, which includes a penalty for shopping.

“e. Shop my “boutique” for “new” items.  If something outside of the boutique is added, (ie I purchased something new), double the amount will be purged from the boutique.”

With FIVE new pieces, I have to purge TEN from the boutique!  Yikes!


Purged the tops on the right, for the plaid shirt on the left.

The plaid shirt on the right, coordinates with the blue vest already in my working closet.  The two tops on the left, do not work as well to my eye.  Plus the plaid shirt is warmer!


The 2 ponchos on the right were purged for the knit on the left.

The knit on the left, coordinates with my current working closet, and is easy to layer.  I’ve struggled to style the 2 ponchos on the right since I purchased them.  Why someone like me, who is always cold, would think a short sleeve poncho a good idea I’ll never know.


The 4 tops on the left were purged for the 2 knits on the right.

The 2 knits on the left work well with my cowboy boots.  The 4 tops on the left, are stained, worn out, or were rarely used over the warmer months.

While I’ve managed to increase the size of my working wardrobe (totals in my next post), I’ve also been able to decrease the size of the boutique by ten items.  This brings the boutique down to 57 items.

Using the “one in/one out,” or in this case “two in/four out” rule, helps me get my wardrobe back under control.  It allows me to purge slowly, yet I can still freshen up my wardrobe with new pieces.

Has the “one in/one out” rule helped you manage your wardrobe?





  1. Alas, no. “One in, one out” hasn’t helped, because I haven’t really followed it. Sometimes I might buy something and say, ‘Okay, I don’t need this other thing (or things) anymore’, and go from there.

    Kudos to you for having that kind of mental discipline, to do a “One in, two out”!

    Also, I really love that you can cross-conceptualize: two short-sleeve ponchos being replaced by a single knit top. To me, those would have been two vastly different genres, filling different ‘needs’ or outfit ideas, and it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to say, “These don’t layer well. Let’s replace them with a layering piece”.

    Are you in Debbie Roes’ Facebook Group, “End Closet Chaos”? I’m about to go link this post there 🙂

    1. It took me a long time to get the hang of one in/one out. It sounds like such an easy concept, but it is so hard to actually implement! Upping the ante with one in two out, really makes me rethink my purchases. I am familiar with Debbie’s blog (she does a great job) but I did not realize there was a facebook group too, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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