Sweater/Pullover Weather

October 29, 2015

Encouraging to own more, more, more.

Retailer’s encouraging to own more, more, more.

I recently stumbled upon this advertisement on a retailer’s page.  My first reaction was to agree with the statement, indeed one can never have too many.  The cold weather is quickly approaching my area and once it hits, we’ll have months of endless cold days.  One day after another, after another, after another.  When you know that the cold is going to hit and stay there for a while, the thought of using lots of pullovers sounds like a really good idea.  My fingers hovered over the link to look at the latest pullovers available for purchase.

Then I paused for a moment.

I thought about my current wardrobe challenge, The DH Closet Challenge Part II-Wardrobe Refinement.  And all of those clothes still sitting in the boutique, waiting to be worn.  My working closet only has 3 pullovers/sweater right now, and that was enough to get me through an entire week of cold weather.  The boutique still has EIGHT pullovers in it.  That’s a total of TWELVE pullovers, enough to sport a pullover every single day for almost two full weeks before repeating.

So, can one never have too many?

My answer was yes, and I clicked the retailer’s website closed.

Would you have purchased a new pullover?


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