Taking A Little Off The Top

October 15, 2015

Purchased in July and returned in October.

Purchased in July // Returned in October

I want to eliminate the boutique for The DH Closet Challenge (Part II)-Wardrobe Refinement.  This means keeping the idea to purge clothing items top of mind.  Immediately a number of pieces that were purchased during my favorite sale and have gone unworn since were identified.  I returned a total of 8 items (7 clothing and one footwear).  Two of the items I returned are above (white/black knit and a black short sleeve poncho).

Purchased in July and returned in October.

Purchased in July // Returned in October

I also returned: black and white knit, two tie neck blouses, and short black suede booties.  Additional items returned but not in the photos: black and white patterned blazer and bootcut jeans.

All of these pieces were purchased during my favorite sale.  And despite my pre-planning, I’m just not reaching for any of these items.  I’m passing them over already, and they are brand new!  Clearly, I don’t need them.

When I look a little longer, I can pinpoint why these pieces are going unworn:

  • White/Black Knit: The zipper back has a string on it, which hits me at an awkward length on the bum.  I just don’t fancy the zipper back styles to knits lately.
  • Short Sleeve Poncho: I already own a blue short sleeve poncho and struggle to layer it.  Why would a black one be any different?  Heh, it’s not.
  • Short Black Booties:  These booties were purchased for work trousers.  And I prefer my work trousers with a taller heel.
  • Black/White Knit: The tag says dry clean only.  I’m just not going to care for a light weight knit with dry cleaning.
  • Tie neck blouses x2: The tie neck itself is very long on me.  I just can’t get past the awkward length.
  • Black/White Patterned Blazer: The blazer fits tight in the arms, and I cannot overlook this fit issue.
  • Bootcut Jeans: I own over a dozen pair of jeans, why did I think I needed one more pair?

Sometimes, after the shopping high has worn off, I no longer care for an item.  Or maybe I never really did, I just got caught up in the “it’s on sale” mentality.

After week 1, the boutique had 102 items.  Now, it’s down to 95 pieces (the shoes are not included in the boutique total).

Have you ever returned items after a long wait?


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