The DH Closet Challenge (Part II)-Wardrobe Refinement

October 8, 2015

The DH Closet Challenge is back, with a few tweaks.  Click the link for the original rules for The DH Closet Challenge (Part I).  Well, after having successfully completed The DH Challenge in the past, I already know what my current wardrobe size needs to be.  Yet I still yearn for a smaller wardrobe.


  1. Some days I still stare at my closet wondering what to wear.
  2. Occasionally I am tempted to browse, because I am bored with my wardrobe.
  3. Life is not static, my needs change, and so does my wardrobe.  If one capsule grows, it can be easy to forget that another capsule must shrink to maintain wardrobe totals.
  4. I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge.

This means it’s time to do another wardrobe challenge.

Ground Rules For The DH Closet Challenge (Part II)-Wardrobe Refinement

a. Start with an empty closet.  Put all closet items into a separate closet called the “boutique.”  (Same as Part I)

b. Add in a separate outfit for each day, for one week.  (New for Part II-Instead of trying to reuse as much as possible in the first week as I did in Part I, this time I’m using the first week as a jumping off point)

c. Repeat one outfit in it’s entirety from the prior week, during the new week. (New for Part II-Increases the use of favorite outfit combinations)

d. Remix the prior week’s worth of items into new outfit combinations.  Continue every week until no new outfit combinations are of interest to sport outside the home.  (New for Part II-Tests how cohesive the wardrobe is and how quickly I do or do not get bored)

e. Shop my “boutique” for “new” items.  If something outside of the boutique is added, (ie I purchased something new), double the amount will be purged from the boutique.  (NEW for Part II-A penalty for shopping outside the boutique)

f. Sport gear items as weekend outfits.  (New for Part II-A way to expand the use of my gear clothing)

g. If one begins to browse outside of the working wardrobe (ie in a store or online) sport the same category of item the next day.  Pull from the boutique if necessary to do so.  (ie if I browse online for a blazer, sport a blazer the next day.  (New for Part II-Forces one to look at what they own to address a wardrobe need/hole/desire.)

h. One in/one out items as they wear out.  (Same as Part I)

i.  Purge/Donate items that are still in the boutique at the end of the season.  (New for Part II-Eliminates leftover items that went unworn throughout a season.)

With the ground rule set, it’s time to being The DH Closet Challenge (Part II)-Wardrobe Refinement.

Do you use challenges to help manage your wardrobe?


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