“I Need This In My Life”

September 20, 2015

I was recently shopping for boots for an upcoming holiday when I heard this phrase:

“I need this in my life.”

Curious, I wandered closer to see what this magical item was that just HAD to be owned.  After all, if it was that special, maybe I should get it too?  What was the item in question?

A pair of knee high, BLUE, suede boots.  And then I heard a second question:

“What am I going to wear them with?”

Aha, the ol’ catch 22.  Spot a wondrous item, and then struggle to create an outfit with it.  The friend and her companion began running through possible outfit combinations that would work with blue.  Grey.  Black.  White.  They couldn’t come up with many ideas.  Yet the shopper kept repeating that she had to have them.  Ultimately, she walked over to the register to make her purchase.

I couldn’t resist, I walked over to the boots and checked them out for myself.  Indeed, they were quite fabulous.  But sometimes an item is best admired from afar.

If you purchased something because you had to have it, did you really end up using the item?



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