Don’t Forget To Shop

July 30, 2015

A reminder to start shopping.

A reminder to start shopping.

Walking around the brick and mortar store while shopping my favorite sale, I noticed a variety of subtle (or not so subtle) reminders to shop, shop, shop.  The store was decked out in signs, both big and small, every where I turned.  But it wasn’t just the sheer number of reminders that caught my eye, but the wording themselves.

“The more I find, the better I feel”

Well, isn’t that a nice way to justify to shop for more, and that it’s ok.  Here are a few more.

A reminder to shop.

A reminder to shop.

Or this one.

“The style you want, the stuff you need”

If I don’t get more stuff, I may end up with a dated look, gasp!

A reminder to shop.

A reminder to shop.

How about this one.

“Find the you-ness in all the newness”

I can’t be myself, unless I have new stuff.

A reminder to shop.

A reminder to shop.

This was my favorite of the group.

“In the end I’ll only regret the things I didn’t buy”

This one really justify that it is ok to shop for stuff, doesn’t it.

Of course I do understand that a store has to market to customers, and advertising their sale in the store is one way to do so.  But it got me wondering, if I had been shopping this sale a couple of years ago would the signs have subconsciously gotten me to shop for more?  Hmm.

Would these signs trigger you to shop?


  1. I just saw this post today, as I’m a bit behind on my blog reading. I guess great minds think alike, as my most recent post is very similar to this one and addresses that marketing messages that Nordstrom put out about NAS. In the past, I think the signs would have pushed me to shop more and I wouldn’t have even been aware of it. In fact, I don’t even recall those types of signs being there in past years, but I’m sure they were.

    Your favorite sign was also mine… but I knew right away how bogus it was. I regret far more of what I DO buy than what I don’t buy. Of course, I’m getting better about that through blogging and my whole journey to shop smarter. I’m glad I didn’t get into as much of a frenzy over NAS this year as I did previously. It IS a good sale and I will continue to shop it, but I was a bit put off by Nordstrom’s marketing messages. Yes, they are running a business, but I wish they would be less “smarmy” about it. I thought they were above those types of guerilla marketing tactics, but I guess it’s a dog eat dog world in retail and they have to do these types of things to stay profitable and at the top of the heap.

    1. I 100% agree with you. I think Nordstrom is having to change their marketing style, to keep up with how aggressive the other retailers are. Often Nordie’s is one of the wing stores and who is usually across from it? Macy’s. Lord and Taylor. Stores that seem to have a sale every weekend. And I am also behind on blog posts both reading other blogs and writing my own. But I hope to get back to a normal schedule for my life soon. I can’t wait to catch up on your posts Debbie!

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