The 80/20 Check-In (Month 9)

July 26, 2015

I’m at month 9 of The 80/20 Challenge and it’s time for my monthly check-in.  Here’s how the numbers look for my entire wardrobe since the last check-in at month 7:

  • Shoes: 19 pairs (6 added and 6 purged [second to last photo in this post], no change to total number; this total includes the 5 shoes from the business and special occasion capsule)
  • Business and Special Occasion Capsule: 10 items (2 trousers added; 3 shoes added, 3 shoes purged; increased by two since the last check in)
  • Beach/Swim Capsule: 8 items (no change since last check-in)
  • Lounge/Sleep Capsule: 12 items (no change since last check-in)
  • Spring/Summer Wardrobe: 55 items (increased by 7 items since the last check-in)
  • Fall/Winter Wardrobe: 69 items  (no change since last check-in)

In addition to updating my shoes and spring/summer wardrobes, back in month 5 I shuffled wardrobe items.  I incorporated the tops from my business/special occasion capsule into the appropriate seasonal wardrobe.  By adding these items to my daily wardrobes, I’ll get more use out of them.  Essentially the tops, which now work double duty.  All of my blazers are also in my seasonal capsules, to maximize their use.

Here’s a recap of the items that do not work double duty, and stay in my Business and Special Occasion Capsule:

10 items (without the shoes, which are listed below but are counted in the total shoe wardrobe above) for the Business and Special Occasion Capsule

  • 2 Suits (1 Trouser Suits and 1 Skirt Suit; no change)
  • Special Occasion Dress and Cardigan in the White Bag (for weddings) (no change)
  • 1 Dress (1 Sheath) (no change)
  • 5 Trousers (added 2; one black and one navy)
  • 5 Footwear (added 3; peep toe booties, black patent pump, and nude wedge and purged 3; grey wedge, black pump, nude patent wedge; no change to wardrobe total)

Crunching the numbers

My current wardrobe total is 173 items.

To use 80% of this wardrobe only 35 item should sit unworn.  However, this is across seasons.

Taking a closer look at the spring/summer season, I have 55 spring/summer wardrobe items and 8 pairs of sandals/flip flops/sneakers/flats for a total of 63 items.  This means that only 13 items can sit unworn for the entire season.

I can’t forget my fall/winter wardrobe, which has 69 items and 6 pairs of boots for a total of 75 items.

However, to make this slightly more complicated, I have 18 items (Business and Special Occasion Capsule and Beach/Swim Capsule items) that sit unworn for most of the year.  Out of 173 items, these 18 items make up 10.4% already!  That leaves me with only 17 items that should sit unworn between both my fall/winter AND spring/summer wardrobes or ~8 items each.

Do you prefer items that crossover or items that work in only one capsule?


  1. I must tell you, I really enjoy your blog! I found this several months ago (via You Look Fab, I think?) I check frequently to see if there are any new posts here, and it’s always so much fun when there is 🙂

    Regarding your question at the end of this post, I have to back up a little, to several months ago, when you talked about a business capsule. Until that moment, I had never really thought in terms of ‘capsules’, or at least, that the capsule concept was something I could actually use, with any degree of practicality. But after reading that post, I went through my entire inventory spreadsheet, and assigned items to specific capsules: Casual Hot Weather (I live in Atlanta, and spend time in Florida with family), Work, Going Out, Special Occasion, Acting Class, Dance Class, Dance Performance Cold Weather, Canada Cold Weather (boyfriend is from Toronto and we visit frequently), and Swim/Beach/Boat.

    With the exception of swim, dance performance, Cold/Canada Cold, and a couple of special occasion pieces, I tried to purge anything that couldn’t be worn across at least two capsules.

    So to answer your question, my preference is for crossover items, unless it is something for swimming or performing, or a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion item.

    1. Thanks for reading and writing a review! It’s always fun to learn that someone is enjoying my blog. I try to post Sunday’s and Thursday’s as best I can. I’ve learned that double duty items, pieces that can work in more than one capsule, really help to keep my wardrobe smaller, and give me more bang for my buck, so to speak with my purchases. In fact, I kept this idea in mind, while shopping NAS. I have a post or two about my NAS shopping coming up very soon on Shopping Brake. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I recommended you to many of my friends simply because of your logical and thoughtful way you approach your wardrobe, and you have inspired me to definitely work on crossover capsules. However, I do find sharing capsules difficult with shirt length recently. I have one question about your business wardrobe. Recently, it seems like you have edited and expanded this capsule. Does this mean that you are wearing this capsule more often, and should it still be relegated to the “unworn” label?

    1. First, thank you so much both for reading and for sharing my blog with others. You just made my day!

      Now onto your question. Yes, I have been working on expanding my business capsule wardrobe. You bring up a great point, this capsule is shifting away from the less worn label and into the regular use label. To balance this, I’ll need to update my calculations, and make sure my fall/winter capsule wardrobe is a little smaller, since those clothes will sometimes be left unworn, in favor of business capsule items. Thanks again for reading and commenting! Cheers, Lisa

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