Mid-Summer Refresh (Part One)

July 19, 2015

Wave One: In with the new

Wave One: In with the new

I’m about halfway through our summer season.  This is a good time to freshen up my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe, while I await the items from My Favorite Sale, to update my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.  Refreshing one time, in the middle of the season, should be enough change for this capsule to get me through the rest of our spring/summer season.

Items I’m Adding: Wave One

For wave one, all items are gear/casual.

  • Gear Tops X2
  • Hoodie and Printed T-Shirt (both gifts)
  • Black Cardigan
  • Blouse and Tank (the blouse is too sheer without the tank)
  • Black Blouse

I tried to match up an item to donate for each item added.  I’m off by two items, as indicated by the gap between the dress and the knit top in the photo below.  The new tank has no old tank it can replace, nor does the blouse.  However, my needs have changed and I’m seeking to expand my business capsule.  The blouse and tank work well with my new navy trousers mentioned in Wave Two (below) for meetings.

Wave One: Out with the old

Wave One: Out with the old

Items I’m Donating: Wave One

  • Gear Tops x2
  • Turquoise Knit (I’m tired of turquoise and removing this color capsule from my wardrobe.  I also noticed that I’ve only worn this top 6 times since purchasing it last year.)
  • Turquoise T-Shirt (I’ve owned this t-shirt for FOUR years, and only worn it 5 times.  I can’t believe this top has lasted in my wardrobe this long with so little use.)
  • Navy Dress (I haven’t worn since I purchased it last year)
  • Grey/Teal Stripe Knit (stained)
Wave Two: Items I'm Adding

Wave Two: Items I’m Adding

Items I’m Adding: Wave Two

  • Cobalt Blazer (A bold color to brighten up all the black creeping into my wardrobe lately)
  • Navy Trousers and Black Trousers (helps expand my business capsule)
  • Black Cargo Trousers (casual item)
  • Black Crop Jeans (forgot to include in the photo)
Items I'm Adding: Wave Three

Wave Three: Items I’m Adding

Items I’m Adding: Wave Three

  • Black/Grey Shawl (a great layering item in cold a/c settings)
  • Black, White, and Ivory Knit Tops (layering items underneath blazers for work)
  • Printed T-Shirt (will work well with a blazer for casual Friday’s)
Wave Two: Items I'm Donating

Wave Three: Items I’m Donating

Items I’m Donating: Wave Three

  • Ivory Knit (stained)
  • Jeans (no longer fit)
  • Black Cardigan (looks wornout, has been worn 22 times since it was purchased two years ago)
  • Printed Shell (only ever wore with the black cardigan)
  • Ivory Knit (worn once, every time I reach for it, I put it back and grab something else.)
  • White Tank (stained)
Top Row: Items I'm Adding Bottom Row: Items I'm Donating

Top Row: Items I’m Adding // Bottom Row: Items I’m Donating


  • Flip Flops (I keep wishing I had a pair) vs Turquoise  Flats (I’m removing the turquoise color capsule from my wardrobe)
  • Black Sandals (Every time I reached for the turquoise one’s I wished they were black) vs Turquoise Sandals
  • Nude Wedge (Comfortable wedge) vs Patent Nude Wedge (These were never comfortable)
  • Snakeskin Print Booties (Bold shoe for my neutral heavy wardrobe) vs Patent Grey Wedge (I never reach for grey footwear)
  • Black Patent Pumps (Comfortable Pump) vs Black Pumps (Brand new, every time I try to wear them I change before leaving the house, they were that uncomfortable)
  • Black Sneakers (A fun sneaker) vs Nude Wedge Sandals (I haven’t worn these since last summer and even then I only wore them 6 times over the entire season)
Top Row: I'm Adding Bottom Row: I'm Donating

Top Row: Items I’m Adding // Bottom Row: Items I’m Donating


  • Bracelets, Necklace and Scarf (freshen up my neutral heavy wardrobe)
  • Bracelets x3 (all tarnished)

In my next post, I’ll do the number crunching to show how this refresh affected my spring/summer wardrobe.

Do you try to match up old items that will be replaced by new items?



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