The Super Six For Fall/Winter

May 25, 2015

Six Unworn Fall/Winter Capsule Items

Six unworn Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe items.

Finishing up reviewing my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe from this post, these are the six items that went unworn in my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe and why I am keeping them for another season.

  1. Poncho-An impulse purchase from a trip to Portugal.  This item does not fit well into my everyday wardrobe.  However, everytime I look at it, I’m reminded of the fishing village this item was purchased from while on holiday.
  2. Denim Buttondown-I adore the look of denim on denim when I look at magazines, however, I never seem to reach for this top lately.  I typically pull a printed buttondown instead this past season.
  3. Thermal Bottom-These were workhorses the prior year, but the bottoms sat this past season.
  4. Tan Blazer-This item has been reached for often since the seasons changed, however, it was never touched during the fall/winter months.  I’m beginning to wonder if this piece is sitting in the wrong seasonal wardrobe.
  5. Black Blazer-I’ve reached for this blazer often in past fall/winter seasons, but I favored sweaters/jumpers this time.
  6. Denim Jacket-Another item that sat unworn all fall/winter, but I’ve reached for since and may be in the wrong seasonal wardrobe.

I’m keeping these items despite their lack of heavy use from the past season.  Except for the poncho, I’m waiting to see if my tastes favor these items again next season, if not, I’ll probably purge them.

How many unworn items did you carry over for the next year?



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