I See Therefore I Want

May 3, 2015

Drapey Trousers/Pants from Banana Republic

Drapey Trousers/Pants from Banana Republic

I’ve been noticing a lot of drapey/slouchy style bottoms in the stores lately.  This style is available both as trousers/pants , such as the pair from Banana Republic above, and in jeans, such as the pair from Gap below.

Drapey Jeans from Gap.

Drapey Jeans from Gap.

As someone who sports jeans daily, I was really interested in trying out a new style of jean.  After all, if I’m sporting the latest and greatest jeans style, then I must be looking good right?


Why?  Well for one thing, my natural style leans towards the classic side.  A few years back I hopped on the colored jean bandwagon; cobalt skinny jeans, camo printed jeans, anything except for the standard black, white or blues.  And although I did enjoy the change, I rarely selected the bolder styles over my more traditional, blue hued, bootcut and straight leg jeans.

Then boyfriend jeans came onto the scene.  Along with cropped lengths.  Once again I picked up one of each style, hoping to vary up my jeans wardrobe.  And once again, these styles sat in favor of my more traditional bootcut and straight leg jeans.

Looking at the drapey style bottoms above, after I acknowledge that these styles are rather different and on trend compared to the current jeans in my wardrobe, I realized something.  I’m not a fan of bolder looks.  And these bottoms are rather bold.  If I had never known that drapey jeans was an option, I wouldn’t even be considering purchasing them.  But seeing them in every advertisement and store window display brings them top of mind.

I see them, therefore I want them.

If I were to close my eyes and think about the jeans I wear daily and freshening up my wardrobe, I don’t picture drapey jeans.  I picture another pair of bootcut jeans, perhaps in a lighter wash for summer.  Or a new pair of straight leg jeans, maybe in white for hot summer days.  For the drapey jeans, I neither need them (I own plenty of jeans) nor would I wear them.  They are not traditional enough for my ingrained style preferences.  And I’ve never thought about adding a pair of jeans in this style, until I ran across them in the stores.  So, I’ll let this one pass me by.

When you consider your style preferences and dressing needs, do you still want the item you saw in the store?


  1. Sometimes I do want what I see in stores or “on the street.” I used to just buy it and move along, only to realize later I just don’t want to draw attention to myself with the style. So they sit in the closet. Wasted money and time. I am becoming more particular with “new” styles that come out and I will try them on. In the past, I wouldn’t try them on…….just hated trying them on in store. I’d buy and take the items home. I always return what didn’t fit, but tend to keep items I just wanted to love or incorporate into my wardrobe. They mostly didn’t get worn. I try on in store now and am very critical. The items that get to go home with me now, go through a second screening. Fewer items stay around now. I’m proud of that! 😉

    1. Trying on before purchasing is something I am guilty of not doing in the past too. Especially when I would shop on my lunch hour. I would not have the time to try on, so I would purchase and go. Now if I lunch time shop, it’s only to pick up something that I already know the size, color etc I want. Thanks for stopping by!

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