Add In, Then Taketh Away

April 12, 2015


Five Items to purge.

Five Items to donate.

The problem with focusing on one’s wardrobe is that sometimes, it becomes difficult to stop adjusting.  I know for myself, once I get started with adjusting my wardrobe, it’s like pushing a rock from the top of a cliff, it starts rolling and then picks up speed.

Lately I’ve been adjusting some of the capsules in my wardrobe.  I recently overhauled my Business/Special Occasion Capsule to make it more cohesive for colors and remixing abilities.  I also merged five of these items into my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe to increase the use of the new additions.  However, I’m trying to decrease the size of my total wardrobe.  Adding these five new items was pestering me.  I added items in, but what did I remove?  Nothing!  Until now.

I donated the following five items from my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe:

  1. Striped Blazer-Every time I reach for this piece, I put it back and grab a solid blazer instead.
  2. Dress-I’ve never been a dress gal and with my revamped Business Capsule, if an occasion calls for something dressy, I’d rather sport trousers and a blouse.
  3. Printed T-Shirt X 2-Boht t-shirts are weekend only items.  I’d rather keep my t-shirts solid.  This way I can layer them under a blazer for work and sport them with a necklace or scarf on the weekends.
  4. Tank Top-I’m not layering tank tops as often as I used to.  Since I had two in my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe, I’m ok purging one for now.

Updated Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe.


This brings my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe back down to 48 items.

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

48 items in my spring/summer capsule wardrobe

  • 6 bottoms (jeans, trousers and shorts; no change)
  • 10 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans; purged one blazer)
  • 5 knits (3/4 or LS, for layering; no change)
  • 5 gear items (2 jeans, 2 hoodies, 1 t-shirt; no change)
  • 8 shirts/blouses (no change)
  • 6 SS T’s/Tops (purged 2 t-shirts)
  • 2 tanks (purged one tank)
  • 3 scarves (no change)
  • 2 workout gear (top and bottom; no change; not shown in the closet photo; no change)
  • 1 dresses (purged one dress)

How many items are in your Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe?




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