Double Duty Capsule Items (Month 5)

April 2, 2015

Recently I updated my business capsule wardrobe in three parts:

  1. Part One: Purging.  In part one, I reviewed my wardrobe and purged items as necessary.
  2. Part Two: Shopping.  In part two, I purchased new pieces.
  3. Part Three: Remixing. In part three, I double-checked that my new additions remixed well with my capsule items.

Any time something is added to my wardrobe, it’s going to have a ripple effect.  Not only will the capsule it’s added to change, but my overall wardrobe will change as well.  Let’s take a look at the impact of the new business capsule additions on my entire wardrobe.

To recap, in total, 11 items were purchased.  My Business/Special Occasion Capsule now contains the following 22 items:

  • 6 Shirts/Blouses (added 4)
  • 2 Blazers (added 2)
  • 1 Shell (no change)
  • 2 Suits (1 Trouser Suits and 1 Skirt Suit; no change)
  • Special Occasion Dress and Cardigan in the White Bag (for weddings) (no change)
  • 1 Dress (1 Sheath) (no change)
  • 3 Trousers (added 3; one brown, one black, and one grey)
  • 5 Footwear (added 2, grey bootie, black pump; purged one black sandal.  Also have, Black Dressy Sandal, Nude Wedge, Black Short Boot)

Crunching the numbers

At my last wardrobe check-in (at month 4 of The 80/20 Challenge) I had 171 items.

  • Shoes: 18 pairs
  • Business and Special Occasion Capsule: 14 items
  • Beach/Swim Capsule: 8 items
  • Lounge/Sleep Capsule: 12 items
  • Spring/Summer Wardrobe: 48 items
  • Fall/Winter Wardrobe: 71 items

With my recent Business/Special Occasion capsule update, I’ve increased my total wardrobe by 7 items, leaving me with a new wardrobe total of 178 items.  Yikes!

Out of these new additions, I can fold in the new shirts/blouses (4) and one of the new blazers into the spring/summer capsule in my wardrobe.  In doing so, I hope to sport these 5 new items more often.  The second blazer, will be added to my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.  The additional 2 shirts/blouses and shell were previously folded into my Fall/Winter Capsule wardrobe.  Therefore 8 of my 22 items work double duty and participate in more than one capsule in my wardrobe.

By merging items from my Business/Special Occasion Capsule into the other capsules in my wardrobe, I’m left with only 14 items that remain solely in my Business/Special Occasion capsule.

My new wardrobe totals is 178 items :

  • Shoes: 19 pairs (added two, purged one, total increase of 1)
  • Business and Special Occasion Capsule: 14 items
  • Beach/Swim Capsule: 8 items (no change)
  • Lounge/Sleep Capsule: 12 items (no change)
  • Spring/Summer Wardrobe: 53 items (added 5 items)
  • Fall/Winter Wardrobe: 72 items (added 1 item)

Do you ever look for wardrobe items that will work double-duty ie across more than one capsule?


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