Updating A Business Capsule Wardrobe-Part Three

March 29, 2015

Updated Business/Special Occasion Capsule (minus a white bag for the special occasion dress, whoops!)

Updated Business/Special Occasion capsule wardrobe (minus a white bag for the special occasion dress, whoops!)

I’m currently updating my business/special occasion capsule wardrobe in three parts.

  1. Part One: Purging.  In part one, I reviewed my wardrobe and purged items as necessary.
  2. Part Two: Shopping.  In part two, I purchased new pieces with a focus on the bottoms as the starting point.
  3. Part Three: Remixing. In part three, I’m going to double-check that my new additions will remix well with my items.

While I only ended up keeping items purchased from four stores, I actually shopped, purchased, and returned from over a DOZEN stores.  Every time something was purchased, the piece went through a review process at home, and if the items did not pass muster, back they went.

My Review Process:

  • To assess if a new purchase was a keeper or not, I pulled my bottoms and compared the addition with them.
  • Most important, I tried on the potential outfit.  If I liked the outfit, it was a keeper, if I did not, back it goes.
  • I tried to remix the toppers.  Any topper (or top) that did not pair with at least two bottoms, went back.  This capsule has no room for “one hit wonder” items, ie. something that will only work with 1 outfit combination.

This was an arduous task, but one that was essential to ensure that my new additions would fit seamlessly into the capsule wardrobe.  And now for the results!

Preplanned outfit combinations-round one.

Preplanned outfit combinations-Round One.

Outfit No. 1: Black blazer (from fall/winter capsule), blue top, plaid trousers, black pumps (from business capsule wardrobe and all new).

Outfit No 2: Blush blazer, ivory knit, grey trousers, and grey booties (from business capsule wardrobe and all new).

Favorite Outfit Combinations-Round Two

Preplanned outfit combinations-Round Two

Outfit No. 3: Black Top, plaid trousers, black pumps (from business capsule wardrobe and all new).

Outfit No. 4: Black cardigan (from spring/summer capsule wardrobe), printed shell (from business capsule wardrobe, and this top was added to the fall/winter capsule wardrobe a while back), grey trousers and grey booties (from business capsule wardrobe and all new).

Preplanned outfit combinations-Round three.

Preplanned outfit combinations-Round three.

Outfit No. 5: Ivory blouse, brown trousers (from business capsule wardrobe and both new), nude wedge (from business capsule wardrobe).

Outfit No. 6: Blush blazer, Black Top, black belt and black pump (from business capsule wardrobe and all new), black trousers (from black trouser suit in the business capsule wardrobe).

Preplanned outfit combinations-Round Four.

Preplanned outfit combinations-Round Four.

Outfit No. 7: Pink blazer, navy blouse, brown trousers, black booties

Outfit No. 8: Ivory blouse, black trousers, nude wedge.

I’m sure I could keep remixing, but these 8 outfits are a solid start for what to wear from my Business/Special Occasion Capsule Wardrobe.

In my next post, I’ll review how these additions will be folded into my larger capsules/my overall wardrobe.

Have you ever preplanned your outfits?


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