Updating A Business Capsule Wardrobe-Part Two

March 26, 2015


New Additions.

A few new additions.

I’m currently updating my business/special occasion capsule wardrobe in three parts.

  1. Part One: Purging.  In part one, I reviewed my wardrobe and purged items as necessary.
  2. Part Two: Shopping.  In part two, I’m going to purchase new pieces.
  3. Part Three: Remixing. In part three, I’m going to double-check that my new additions will remix well with my items.

To update my business/special occasion capsule wardrobe, I focused on the bottoms.  My goal was to purchase bottoms that were seasonless colors and prints.  Pieces that could be sported year round.  While this capsule is being used more often than in the past, it’s still not my daily clothing.  For my non-primary capsule, I’d rather own fewer items that can be used year round, instead of a lot of seasonal items.

I purchased the following items and here’s why:

  • Pink Blazer: Unfortunately my goal of seasonless items quickly faded away at the sight of this blazer.  The color was love at first sight, and the extreme discounts made this pink tweed blazer mine.  However, it not only pairs well with the brown trousers, but also my blue jeans, which I DO sport daily.
  • Trousers X3: Brown, Plaid, Grey; Three pairs of seasonless trousers.  I can also sport my black trousers from my trouser suit, if I require an extra bottom.
  • Blush Blazer: I seem to have a thing for pink lately.  The lighter color brightens up the darker bottoms and I’ve seen blush worn year round.
More new additions.

More new additions.

With the bottoms and toppers sorted, I focused on the toppers.  I added the following 4 tops:

  • Blue and Black: Both were purchased to coordinate with the plaid trousers. As my only printed bottom, they were the most limiting for remixing with toppers and it was important that I find pieces that would work well with them.  These tops will also pair well with my black trousers if I need additional outfits.
  • Ivory Blouse and Ivory Knit: Both were purchased to coordinate with the brown and grey trousers.  Once again, these tops will pair well with black trousers too if needed.

Finally I tackled the footwear.

Two in and one out.

Two in // one out

Things were going well, 9 items were previously purged and 9 items were purchased.  But then I looked at my footwear for this capsule and spotted a problem.  The sandals on the far right, were purchased specifically for the dresses that I have purged.  I’m not a fan of sandals with trousers (the hems are always getting caught) and I’m too lazy to get regular pedicures anyway.  This meant footwear that will work for the warmer months, and preferably cool months too.  I purchased two items:

  • Grey Booties: These pair very well with the grey trousers, and tie in the light colored ivory tops too.
  • Black Pump:  It’s ridiculous how long it’s taken me to find a black pump that actually fits my fussy feet.  These will work well with the plaid trousers, black trousers and potentially the brown or grey trousers, if the top is dark.

Crunching the numbers

In total, 11 items were purchased.  My Business/Special Occasion Capsule now contains the following 22 items:

  • 6 Shirts/Blouses (added 4)
  • 2 Blazers (added 2)
  • 1 Shell (no change)
  • 2 Suits (1 Trouser Suits and 1 Skirt Suit; no change)
  • Special Occasion Dress and Cardigan in the White Bag (for weddings) (no change)
  • 1 Dress (1 Sheath) (no change)
  • 3 Trousers (added 3; one brown, one black, and one grey)
  • 5 Footwear (added 2, grey bootie, black pump; purged one black sandal.  Also have, Black Dressy Sandal, Nude Wedge, Black Short Boot)

In my next post, I plan to fold in some of these pieces into my other capsules and I’ll highlight some of my preplanned outfit combinations for my new additions.

Do you shop for the top or bottom half of your outfit first?


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