The Sale That Isn’t

March 8, 2015

Walking in the mall today, I stopped inside a store that had signs for 70% off, going out of business, everything must go, we are moving.  Eager to see what ‘good deals’ could be snagged, I wandered in.  The sales associate followed me around the store, chatting non stop about this promotion and that promotion to save 10% or %15 on the already marked down prices.

Yet when I looked around the store, only a small handful of items were at 70% off.  The majority of the items were 30% off or even full price.

Now wait just a minute, what’s going on here?

I went into a second store.

In a second store that I choose to visit, the signs were 40% or 30% off.  But when I peered closer, the signs for 40% off, were only on clearance.  And the signs for 30% were only on pants.  Once again, despite signs plastered all over the store for drastic savings, only select items were actually on sale.

When I’m looking at the signs for a sale, I have to pay very close attention to what EXACTLY is on sale.  Because often, it may not be on the items I really want.

Have you tried to purchase something on sale, only to find out it really wasn’t?

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