Is Spring Fashion Really A Must Have?

March 5, 2015

Spring styles are in full force in the stores at the moment.  And while the lighter colors are a refreshing change from the darker palettes seen in fall and winter fashion, I can’t help but wonder,

Is spring fashion really a must have?

The answer will depend on where you live.

I live in a four season climate and the seasons are not equally split.  Also, my personal preferences for what I wear in hot and cold temperatures is not split, I layer year round for warmth.

All of the spring styles are attractive, for the colors, but not for the materials themselves.  I’d prefer a knit without the holes or a long sleeve instead of a three-quarter sleeve top.  And despite the growing popularity of cropped length bottoms, I’m still a fan of full length trousers and jeans instead.

For me, spring fashion is not a must have.  Instead, I search for lighter colors during fall and winter fashion season for my wardrobe.  The lighter colors make me feel like I am dressing for spring, and the warmer weight materials and longer lengths give me the warmth I need during cool spring days.

Is there a season that you skip in your wardrobe?



  1. I’d love to skip winter! I live where winter is fairly short, maybe 2 months of cold weather. I don’t like long sleeves, or thick and bulky pieces, or the black & gray palette everyone seems to adopt in the winter. I can’t find any bright and fun winter clothing! I’d prefer to skip winter entirely, and for now I have a few simple pieces that I wear over and over for a few weeks while I wish for spring!

    1. I agree, winter clothes are always very dark and full of blacks and greys. I used to own a yellow wool coat that I wore past when it had holes in it, because the yellow was such a happy color! A bright outercoat is not easy to find.

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