Don’t Open The Package

March 1, 2015

Only opened what I needed.

I only opened what I really needed.

With only one item left on my “to buy” list for my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe, I’ve been on the hunt.  And ordering online is my preferred mode of shopping.  I save a lot of time not having to hunt from store to store looking for my size.  But online ordering comes with it’s drawbacks.  A big one for me has been, the order limits for free shipping and promotions of “purchase X amount for Y savings.”

I wanted a pair of shorts, so I ordered two pairs, in two different sizes.  Ok, nothing wrong with that.  But of course, I added in a few other items for the free shipping and savings promotions too.  This left me with a package that contained more items than I really needed for my wardrobe.

So, what did I do?

Well, I received a total of 4 items: 2 shorts and 2 knit tops.  My goal was the shorts, so I tried on one pair first.  They fit.  I’m keeping them.  Which left me with the two knits.  In the time between ordering and receiving the knits, I happened to complete the knitwear needs for my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe from another store.  Which meant I no longer needed the knits I ordered.  Normally I would have opened and tried them on anyway, after all, why not right?  I already had the items in my home and I know I’m going to be visiting the store to return the shorts anyway.

This time I did not open the packages.

Why not?

If I opened the package, I flirt with temptation.  My knit wear needs are complete, but what if I try on one of the knits and love it?  I’ll be stuck in the position of trying to figure out  how to keep something I WANT but don’t NEED.  If I leave the packages unopened, there’s no temptation to keep something ‘extra.’  So I left them closed and promptly returned them a few days later.  Unopened.

Do you return items without trying them on?

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